1st Edition

The Future of Coaching Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World

By Hetty Einzig Copyright 2017
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    We live in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, in which our work and lives are constantly disrupted and changing. But coaches and leaders are still trained to operate within stable models with a uni-focus on performance. Coaches are starting to question the remit of ‘raising performance’ within existing systems, many of which are outdated, dysfunctional and even toxic. The role of the coach today must evolve to become fit for purpose in challenging times and coaching must re-articulate its values, as the essential compass for navigating turbulent waters.

    In The Future of Coaching, Hetty Einzig examines the role of coaching and leadership in the twenty-first century, and sets out a compelling vision for its future. Drawing on experience gained over twenty-five years of coaching leaders in the corporate and public sectors, in the UK and globally, she challenges the tenet of coaching neutrality. Rather than simply following the client agenda, she encourages coaches to see themselves as partners in courageous leadership and to work towards building an ethical, holistic and networked coaching approach to help create businesses that serve society and our globalised world.

    The book asks essential questions of coaches working today: how can leaders and coaches become ‘positive deviants’ and transform the rules of the game within cultures where denial and group-think are rife? How can coaches work with the anxious and depressed, embracing the dark as well as the light? Are coaches prepared for the rise of Millennials, women leaders and those over sixty (the Third Acters)? Einzig challenges the model of the Strong Leader in favour of Respons-able leadership based on authentic strength, distributed power and responsive thinking. And she shows how this vision of a transformed workplace is essential for the transformations society must undertake to reclaim a positive future.

    This thought provoking collection of essays, designed to be read in any order, is enlightening and inspiring reading for coaches in practice and in training, HR and L&D professionals and for leaders everywhere.

    Introduction. Essay 1: The Flow We’re In. Essay 2: New Generation Coaching. Essay 3: Surviving and Thriving in the Marketplace. Essay 4: Reclaiming the Future, Part 1: Perverse Cultures. Essay 5: Reclaiming the Future, Part 2: Positive Deviants. Essay 6: Darkness and Light. Essay 7: Respons-able Leadership, Part 1: Strength versus the Strong Man. Essay 8: Respons-able Leadership, Part 2: Re-thinking Thinking. Essay 9: Playing the Fool. Essay 10: Canaries, Starlings and Headless Chickens. Essay 11: Patchworks: Women, Millennials and Third Acters. References.


    Hetty Einzig is a leadership coach, best-selling author and editor of Coaching Perspectives, the Association for Coaching global magazine. She has worked with major corporations and public organisations across a range of sectors and designs large-scale leadership programmes, including a programme for women across North Africa. A founder member of the social-change organisation Be the Change, she is a Director of Transition Expertise, a facilitator with Leaders’ Quest and a senior consultant with Performance Consultants International and Analytic-Network Coaching. She has a Masters in Organisational Consulting Psychoanalytic-Systemic Approaches from the Tavistock Centre, and runs a popular women’s leadership programme.

    "We live in challenging times which require a shift in human thinking and relating. Hetty has written such a warm, generous and beautifully written book that shows how every coach needs to embrace ‘next generation coaching’ in order to make a greater contribution to organizations, their stakeholders as well as the needed shift in human thinking and relating. Read it, for it will open your thinking and your heart, and change your practice." - Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership, Team and Executive Coach, Entrepreneur and author of many best-selling books on Leadership and Coaching, including Leadership Team Coaching (Kogan Page, 2014) and Creating a Coaching Culture (Open University Press, 2012)

    "Hetty’s eleven essays weave together a quilt of 25 years of experience in coaching and personal development, offering the reader insightful, informative and challenging ideas to enhance ones practice as an agent of change in the mission of building better lives for our clients and a better world for us all." - Professor Jonathan Passmore, University of Evora, Portugal

    "The great movement in coaching within the coming decade is from coaching as a discrete activity aimed at individual change to coaching as a force for institutional and societal change. Hetty Einzig’s book is one of the most significant contributions to this evolution of coaching." - Professor David Clutterbuck, Special Ambassador and Co-founder, European Mentoring and Coaching Council

    "I regard Hetty as one of the founders of the coaching profession, with a deep understanding of the evolution, characteristics and practice of purpose-driven coaching in the workplace. With decades of experience coaching and training leaders and their teams, across many countries and cultures, Hetty is a respected authority on developing the consciousness, values and agility required by coaches and leaders in today’s complex world. Hetty’s ideas and insights are important for coaches, HR professionals and leaders everywhere." - Sir John Whitmore, Founder of Performance Consultants International and author of Coaching for Performance (Nicholas Brealey, 2010)

    "With subtlety, eloquence and wisdom, Hetty Einzig invites us to engage in a deep and much-needed reflection about coaching in today’s complex world. Hetty Einzig effectively illustrates how we can embrace paradoxes and a multifaceted reality, how we can promote integration, raise our consciousness, and develop a global ambition for coaching & leadership in service of the world at large." - Professor Philippe Rosinski, bestselling author of Coaching Across Cultures (Nicholas Brealey, 2003) and Global Coaching (Nicholas Brealey, 2010), Belgium; first Master Certified Coach in Europe  

    "Hetty Einzig’s new book will have a profound impact beyond the coaching community and into political and diplomatic spheres. Why? Because world leaders now need a better understanding of human dynamics, especially our inability to manage anxiety and fear and our alarming tendency to groupthink.  This book offers a pragmatic path to deeper understanding to enable us to cultivate joy, Feminine Intelligence and the inner skills for outer action." – Dr Scilla Elworthy, Founder, Oxford Research Group; Founder, Peace Direct; Councillor of the World Future Council

    "Hetty’s essays invite and challenge us with wisdom and insight into a new generation of coaching that is fit for the times. The book is like a carefully-chosen collection of premium wines. The mix includes exquisite and unique flavors, and connections to the traditions of great winemakers. There is pleasure and learning in the consumption." - Geoffrey Abbott, PhD, QUT Business School, Brisbane, Australia

    "This book is a beautiful collection of ‘wisdom’ essays that sheds new light on the coaching profession. It challenges coaches to step up to the real challenges facing leaders today and work as thinking partners to engage fully with leaders in the messy VUCA world in which we all struggle. Hetty Einzig has drawn on deep personal experience and a real breadth of theory to produce a must-have book for coaches who want to make a real difference." - Professor Simon Western, CEO Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd; author, Coaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text (SAGE, 2012), and Leadership: A Critical Text, 2nd edition (SAGE, 2013); President Elect, International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations  

    "Hetty's insights are captured in a beautiful and challenging patchwork of coaching essays not only to be intellectually admired. The essays covering a variety of critical issues ranging from leadership, gender, social justice and environment transform into a magic carpet; transporting the coach-leader through our complex world, challenging coaching paradigms of individual success and effectiveness. The book invites us to join a journey in coaching mastery that holds a collective vision for a socially responsible world with the coach as agent for social change." – Dr Stanley Arumugam, Senior Leadership Advisor, ActionAid International, South Africa

    "This beautifully written and rich collection of essays comes just when we need it- when so many of us feel daunted by these challenging times. Hetty compellingly captures the lay of the current and future landscape in which we operate as coaches and leaders, with all its challenges, and opportunities. And generous wise elder that she is, Hetty then inspires us all to wake up and step up. I dare you not to be stirred, to remain immune to her call to action." - Liz Hall, Editor of Coaching at Work, Co-Editor of The International Journal for Mindfulness and Compassion at Work, and author of Mindful Coaching (Kogan Page, 2013)

    "The role of coaches in the 21st century is changing significantly; coaches need to be part activists, part councillors and part change agents. When reading The Future of Coaching, reflect on how Hetty’s vision for coaching has matured over decades of mastery. And through these thought provoking essays you will recognise the talent and insight Hetty has for this business-critical profession. Personally, Hetty has been a trusted advisor, provocateur and compass and I have benefited greatly from her wisdom." - Nigel Stansfield, global citizen, environmentalist and President of Interface in Europe, Middle East and Africa

    "This is an important book, not just for coaches but for all of us who care about the future of our world. Hetty Einzig draws on a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge gleaned from many sources, including literature, philosophy and psychology as well as her considerable experience of coaching at the highest levels of organisations. She outlines a vision of how we can extend the scope of coaching to develop better interconnected leadership in these VUCA times. Her ideas are profound and her writing is compelling." – Gill Smith, former UK Chair, Association for Coaching; partner in The Brain@Work

    "These times are having a profound effect upon the wellbeing of employees across all sectors. This is played out in the rising incidence of depression and anxiety in the workplace. Coaching and the role of coaches have become even more critical. People need someone to speak to as they learn to become more resourceful in the world we confront today. More coaches need to view wellbeing as a key driver of performance and thus develop their skills and knowledge to be able to coach for enhancing the energy of employees and line managers, not just the traditional approach of addressing skills, knowledge and behaviours. Hetty Einzig’s book is a wonderful illustration of the changing role coaches can and must play." - Geoff McDonald, Former Global VP HR Unilever; Director, Open Minds Health; global advocate and campaigner against stigma towards mental health in the workplace

    "Getting the best out of any team is the real challenge for any organisation and its leaders. Having a coach who can observe and help to structure clear ways of working with teams and with individuals is essential to achieving great organisations. Hetty has not only brought together her own personal experiences in this exciting book, but helps to position the journey all organisations are on in making the best of their most vital asset." - Paul Hodgkinson, Executive Chairman, Simons Group

    "The Future of Coaching delivers 11 well-informed, beautifully written and thought-provoking essays, each exploring the role of coaching and leadership and the relationship between them."— Carolyn Mumby, Coaching Today