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The Future of Trade Unions in Britain

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Trade Unions Resurgence or Demise?

Trade Unions: Resurgence or Demise?

1st Edition

Edited By Sue Fernie, David Metcalf
June 23, 2005

This book features original research underpinned with theory drawn from economics, organization theory, history and social psychology. The authors deliver a comprehensive analysis of trade unions’ prospects in the new millennium as well as case studies which deal with topical issues such as: ...

Union Organization and Activity

Union Organization and Activity

1st Edition

Edited By John Kelly, Paul Willman
April 29, 2004

This, the second book in the innovative The Future of Trade Unions in Britain series, features substantial and original research on union strategies. It offers readers a detailed analysis of the opportunities and problems faced by unions in using the new trade union recognition law, and will enrich...

Representing Workers Trade Union Recognition and Membership in Britain

Representing Workers: Trade Union Recognition and Membership in Britain

1st Edition

Edited By Howard Gospel, Stephen Wood
April 24, 2003

Employment relations are at a crossroad. Historically, trade union channels in advanced economies have dominated worker representation, but with the decline in union membership other forms of representation are becoming increasingly significant. This timely book is the result of significant ...

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