1st Edition

The Future of the Past Archaeologists, Native Americans and Repatriation

By Tamara Bray Copyright 2001

    To date, the notion of repatriation has been formulated as a highly polarized debate with museums, archaeologists, and anthropologists on one side, and Native Americans on the other. This volume offers both a retrospective and a prospective look at the topic of repatriation. By juxtaposing the divergent views of native peoples, anthropologists, museum professionals, and members of the legal profession, it illustrates the complexity of the repatriation issue.

    1 American Archaeologists and Native Americans: A Relationship Under Construction Tamara L. Bray 2 The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act: Background and Legislative History Jack F. Trope and Walter R. Echo-Hawk Current Issues and Different Perspectives 3 Ethics and the Past: Reburial and Repatriation in American Archaeology Christina E. Garza and Shirley Powell 4 Yours, Mine or Ours?: Conflicts between Archaeologists and Ethnic Groups Joe Watkins 5 Repatriation and the Study of Human Remains Brenda J. Baker, Richard G. Wilkinson, Tamara L. Varney, Lisa M. Anderson, and Maria A. Liston 6 Desecration: An Interreligious Controversy Ronald L. Grimes 7 The Zuni Perspective on Repatriation Edmund J. Ladd 8 Sacred under the Law: Repatriation and Religious Under NAGPRA Jonathon Haas 9 Beyond Repatriation: The Impact of Museums on Indian Culture Richard Hill, Sr. 10 Medicine Bundles: An Indigenous Approach to Curation Phillip E. Cash Future Prospects 11 On the Course of Repatriation: Process, Practice, and Progress at the National Museum of Natural History Thomas Killion 12 Usurping Native American Voice Larry J. Zimmerman 13 Repatriation and Community Anthropology: The Smithsonian Institution's Arctic Studies Center Stephen Loring 14 Reflections on Inyan Ceyaka Atonwan (Village at the Rapids):A Nineteenth Century Wahpeton Dakota Summer Planting Village Janet D. Spector


    Tamara L. Bray

    "This is an important book. Fortunately, it is also a wonderful book. Tamara Bray has done an enormous service to the discipline by selecting as contributors a group of talented people from the front lines of the revolution in archaelogy." -- Journal of Anthrological Research