1st Edition

The GP Contract Made Easy Getting Paid

By Rodger Charlton Copyright 2005

    The concepts and terminology of the new General Medical Services Contract can be confusing and daunting. The GP Contract Made Easy – Getting Paid summarises and simplifies a complex contract with many practical points to maximise a practice’s income and make the lives of doctors and managers easier. This book shows how the new Contract differs from the 1990 GP Contract, resulting in a change in the services that GPs provide and a change in their remuneration. This book provides advice on how GPs can maximise their income under the new regulations for the Global Sum, Enhanced Services and the quality indicators of the Quality and Outcomes Framework. General practitioners, primary care managers, and their professional advisers will find this book essential and invaluable reading.

    Getting paid under the 1990 contract. The Global Sum. Enhanced services and directed advanced services. National advanced services. Local advanced services.Quality and outcomes framework - background, the clinical domain and exception reporting. Quality and outcomes framework - the other domains. Additional financial issues. Summary.


    Rodger Charlton