1st Edition

The GP Quiz Book 2 Further detection and management of physical disease

By Alick Munro Copyright 1999

    This is a companion to the highly successful GP Quiz Book 1. It enables interactive learning and rapid identification of new areas of knowledge. Questions and answers on a range of disease management topics are covered, with material sourced from the British Medical Journal and the British Journal of General Practice. The practical application of research findings and advisory statements is unique in presenting both fact and authoritative opinion. The book includes questions, model answers and references for each question, for those who wish to study that topic in more detail. It can stimulate discussion for individuals or those in a group setting. Students and all professionals working in healthcare will find it essential reading and reference.

    Accidents and emergencies. Allergies. Antibiotics. Back Pain. Breast conditions. Cardiology. Ear, nose and throat. Gastroenterology. Haematology. Human immunodeficiency disease. Infection. Medicine for the elderly. Ophthalmology. Orthopaedics. Pain. Rheumatology. Sexual and genitorinary medicine. Sports medicine. Surgery. Tests. Urology. Venous thrombosis and venous ulcers.


    Munro, Alick