1st Edition

The GP Trainer's Handbook An Educational Guide for Trainers by Trainers

By Paul Middleton, Maurice Price Copyright 2011

    The ten years since the First Edition of this book have witnessed revolutionary changes in GP training: appraisal, the new MRCGP exam and competence-based assessments to name but three. Greater availability of information has also transformed the social context of General Practice as a profession. Despite this, the one-to-one relationship between trainer and trainee remains the lynchpin of GP education, and this manual's key principle - that GP trainers are the key source of expertise in this field, and that their experiences and ideas are a vital and still-underused resource - is as important as ever. This new edition, fully revised and updated to reflect the latest changes in both GP training and the profession, remains an essential, comprehensive manual of useful advice for GP trainers written by their peers. Outlining educational methods, training philosophies and reflections from practitioners experienced in the entire spectrum of GP education, it provides a tool box of resources to cover the practicalities of training, including e-portfolios, teaching consultation skills, and numerous tips and tricks. It is now augmented with an array of supporting material that includes checklists, forms and evaluation tools, accessed electronically via a code supplied with the book. This book is vital reading for GP tutors and GP trainers as well as those considering such roles, and for all those who manage and oversee the training of GP registrars. 'The next generation of GPs will face even more changes in the landscape of primary care and it has become even more imperative that we provide high-quality training. This manual will support this process.' - from the Foreword by Steve Field

    Bare essentials: How do you become a trainer? Induction: how do trainers settle a trainee into the practice? Assessment of learning: How do trainers assess learning needs? The eportfolio and other curricular tools: How do trainers use curricular tools? Tutorials: How do trainers plan tutorials? Management and change: How do trainers use these concepts? The consultation: How do trainers teach consultation skills? Resources: What resources do trainers use? Education gems: Trainers’ “tips and tricks”. Quality issues: How am I driving? The “difficult” trainee: How do trainers deal with challenging trainees?


    Paul Middleton (Author) , Maurice Price (Author)