1st Edition

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea

    1190 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume explores not only the close ties that link the cultures and musics of East and Northeast Asia, but also the distinctive features that separate them.

    Audio Examples, About The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Preface, NoteonTransliteration, ContributingAuthors, Maps, Part 1: An Introduction to East Asian Musics and Cultures, Part 2: Issues and Processes in East Asian Musics, Part 3: China, Part 4: Japan, Part 5: Korea, Part 6: Inner Asia, Glossary, A Guide to Publications on East Asian Music,  A Guide to Recordings of East Asian Music, A Guide to Films and Videos of East Asian Music, Notes on the Audio Examples, Index


    Robert C. Provine, Yosihiko Tokumaru, J. Lawrence Witzleben

    "This unique and thoroughly researched resource provides a dynamic and in depth perspective on world music... It strikes a balance between wonderful illustrations and comprehensive, scholarly entries. Each regional volume includes a CD sampler of that region's music. This source will have wide appeal to both the novice and expert." -- Dartmouth Medal Committee
    "This valuable set is nearly finished. Volume 7 follows the other volumes in quantity and organization...Highly recommended." -- Choice
    "The 76 articles cover not just music, but its relation to history, theater, dance, and the visual arts...Highly recommended..." -- Library Journal