1st Edition

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Europe

Edited By Timothy Rice, James Porter, Chris Goertzen Copyright 2000
    1174 Pages
    by Routledge

    Here in one volume is a comprehensive look at the folk and traditional musics of the European continen - from Ireland to the new republics of Georgia and Belarus. In over seventy articles by sixty-one contributors from around the world, this encyclopedia explores musical life from historical and ethnographic perspectives and provides extensive analysis of songs and instrumental music.

    List of Audio Examples, List of Maps, About The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Preface, A Guide to Pronunciation, List of Contributors, Part 1: Europe as a Musical Area, Part 2: Issues and Processes in European Music, Part 3: Music Cultures of Europe, Glossary, A Guide to Publications on European Music, A Guide to Recordings of European Traditional Music, A Guide to Films and Videos of European Traditional Music, Notes on the Audio Examples, Index


    Timothy Rice, James Porter, Chris Goertzen

    "The editors have made striking efforts, throughout, to provide a framework in which a great diversity of musical practices, repertories, and genres can be considered as part of a more general field." -- Martin Stokes, Journal of the American Musicological Society
    "The volume's most valuable and striking achievement is the patient and systematic manner in which it presents a bottom-up view of a cultural world that has been relentlessly viewed in top-down ways. The extraordinary vitality of those repertories and practices habitually labeled as "folk" or "traditional" is clear on every page, in terms of the music-making practices and values of most people living in Europe." -- Martin Stokes, Journal of the American Musicological Society
    "The editors have clearly gone out of their way to make sure that regional scholarly traditions are well represented not only in the bibliographies but in the articles themselves." -- Martin Stokes, Journal of the American Musicological Society
    "The articles are crisp, authoritative, and amply illustrated with superb photography, useful transcriptions, and well-chosen audio examples in the accompanying compact disc. The bibliographies that accompany each article are particularly valuable." -- Martin Stokes, Journal of the American Musicological Society
    "Garland's Europe is an enormous step forward. It addresses a broad range of pan-European issues and the research traditions that have shaped them. It then presents succinct yet broadly conceived articles on archeology, notation and transmission, art music and historicism, ethnoaesthetics, gender, mass mediation, immigration, diasporas, and "world music" in Europe." -- Martin Stokes, Journal of the American Musicological Society
    "This volume succeeds in providing the prospect of a truly European ethnomusicology with the assemblage of a wide range of scholarship unencumbered by assumptions that music in Europe is fundamentally "different" from music elsewhere." -- Martin Stokes, Journal of the American Musicological Society
    "This unique and thoroughly researched resource provides a dynamic and in depth perspective on world music... It strikes a balance between wonderful illustrations and comprehensive, scholarly entries. Each regional volume includes a CD sampler of that region's music. This source will have wide appeal to both the novice and expert." -- Dartmouth Medal Committee
    "Timely in various ways." -- Journal of American Musicological Society
    "The coverage is intelligently, even provocatively, organized and will be useful for a wide range of readers, from students to specialists...Anyone interested in the past, present, and future of European music studies needs to haul this book down from the shelf and spend some time with it, and anyone who does so will certainly end up with a sense of gratitude toward the editors." -- Notes
    "Articles that address the social life of music, the cultural values expressed in music, and the way music has been used as a political tool, make the volume an outstanding resource for scholars and laypersons interested in exploring indigenous music traditions of Europe. For both the general and the academic reader, this encyclopedia is an excellentt resource for artists, educators, and anyone interested in music in different world cultures." -- American Reference Books Annual
    "The glossary, index, and bibliography are extensive, and the accompanying CD provides aural samples of what the book discusses. Essential for all levels of research and interest." -- Choice
    "Librarians, you must have this on your shelves! Music lovers, if Europe is what interests you, then break down and get your copy of this volume. What stands out for me are the nooks and crannies. Sure, you get France,Spain and Italy, but it's such fun to find more about Brittany, Corsica, or Sardinia. I remain in the camp that is certain these Garland volumes will be the essential starting points for students & researchers of traditional music for years to come." -- Megan Butler, Megan Butler Communications