2nd Edition

The Garland Handbook of Latin American Music

Edited By Dale Olsen, Daniel Sheehy Copyright 2008
    592 Pages
    by Routledge

    592 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Garland Handbook of Latin American Music is comprised of essays from The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Volume 2, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Carribean, (1998). Revised and updated, the essays offer detailed, regional studies of the different musical cultures of Latin America and examine the ways in which music helps to define the identity of this particular area.

    Part One provides an in-depth introduction to the area of Latin America and describes the history, geography, demography, and cultural settings of the regions that comprise Latin America. It also explores the many ways to research Latin American music, including archaeology, iconography, mythology, history, ethnography, and practice. Part Two focuses on issues and processes, such as history, politics, geography, and immigration, which are responsible for the similarities and the differences of each region’s uniqueness and individuality. Part Three focuses on the different regions, countries, and cultures of Caribbean Latin America, Middle Latin America, and South America with selected regional case studies.

    The second edition has been expanded to cover Haiti, Panama, several more Amerindian musical cultures, and Afro-Peru. Questions for Critical Thinking at the end of each major section guide focus attention on what musical and cultural issues arise when one studies the music of Latin America -- issues that might not occur in the study of other musics of the world. Two audio compact discs offer musical examples of some of the music of Latin America.

    Part 1 Introduction to the Music Cultures of the Region  Part 2 Issues and Processes in the Music of Latin America  The Distribution, Symbolism, and Use of Musical Instruments Dale A. Olsen  Musical Genres and Contexts Anthony Seeger  Musical Dynamics Anthony Seeger  Part 3 Nations and Musical Traditions  Caribbean Latin America  Cuba Olavo Alén Rodríguez  Haiti Gage Averill and Lois Wilcken  Middle Latin America  Mexico Daniel E. Sheehy  Tarahumara J. Richard Haefer  Questions for Critical Thinking: Latin American Music


    Dale A. Olsen is Distinguished Research Professor of Ethnomusicology at Florida State University.

    Daniel E. Sheehy directs nonprofit, educational Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and Smithsonian Global Sound.