1st Edition

The Gender and Media Reader

Edited By Michael Kackman Copyright 2011
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    by Routledge

    726 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Gender and Media Reader is an essential text for those interested in gender and media studies, its main topics, debates, and theoretical approaches. The primary objective of this collection is to expand readers’ knowledge of how gender operates within media culture through engagement with foundational writings as well as more contemporary research in this field. Taking a multiperspectival approach that considers gender broadly and examines media texts alongside their production and consumption, The Gender and Media Reader enables readers’ critical thinking about how gender is constructed, contested, and subverted in different sites within media culture. Along with the main introduction, individual section introductions facilitate readers’ understanding of the development of gender and media studies by contextualizing the various topics, debates, and theoretical approaches that have shaped it, as well as by highlighting current trends.

    Introduction  Mary Celeste Kearney  I. Foundations: Studying Gender and Media  Introduction to Part I  Mary Celeste Kearney  1. Feminist Perspectives on the Media Liesbet van Zoonen  2. The Symbolic Annihilation of Women by the Mass Media  Gaye Tuchman  3. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema Laura Mulvey  4. Defining Women: The Case of Cagney and Lacey  Julie D’Acci  5. Gender and the Culture of Empire: Toward a Feminist Ethnography of Cinema Ella Shohat  6. Beyond Racism and Misogyny: Black Feminism and 2 Live Crew  Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw  7. Imitation and Gender Insubordination Judith Butler 8. Postfeminist Media Culture: Elements of a Sensibility Rosalind Gill  II. Production: Employment, Creativity, Marketing, and Technology  Introduction to Part II Mary Celeste Kearney  9. Women and Men in Film: Gender Inequality Among Writers in a Culture Industry Denise D. Bielby and William T. Bielby  10. Women’s Film Production: Going Mainstream Michelle Citron  11. Gendering the Commodity Audience: Critical Media Research, Feminism, and Political Economy Eileen Meehan  12. Hiding Homoeroticism in Plain View: The Fight Club DVD as Digital Closet Robert Allen Brookey and Robert Westerfelhaus  13. Fractured Fairy Tales and Fragmented Markets: Disney’s Weddings of a Lifetime and the Cultural Politics of Media Conglomeration Elana Levine  14. Gender and the Commodification of Community: Women.com and gURL.com  Leslie Regan Shade  15. "I'll Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath": Girls and Zine Making as a Form of Resistance Kristen Schilt  16. Looking to Get Paid: How Some Black Youth Put Culture to Work Robin D. G. Kelley  17. Women and the Electric Guitar Mavis Bayton  III. Texts: Bodies, Identities, and Representation  Introduction to Part III Mary Celeste Kearney  18. Boys Will Be Boys: Men's Magazines and the Normalisation of Pornography Annabelle Mooney  19. Reckoning Loyalties: White Femininity as "Crisis" Aimee Carrillo Rowe and Samantha Lindsey  20. Brain, Brow, and Booty: Latina Iconicity in U.S. Popular Culture Isabel Molina Guzmán and Angharad N. Valdivia  21. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott: Rapping on the Frontiers of Female Identity Eliza Sellen  22. Making Her (In)visible: Cultural Representations of Lesbianism and the Lesbian Body in the 1990s Ann M. Ciasullo  23. Joe Millionaire and Women’s Positions: A Question of Class Renee M. Sgroi  24. Boys Don’t Cry and Female Masculinity: Reclaiming a Life & Dismantling the Politics of Normative Heterosexuality Brenda Cooper  25. The Televised Sports Manhood Formula Michael A. Messner, Michele Dunbar, and Darnell Hunt  26. Looking for My Penis: The Eroticized Asian in Gay Video Porn Richard Fung  27. Queer Eye for the Straight Guise : Camp, Postfeminism, and the Fab Five's Makeovers of Masculinity Steven Cohan  28. "Slaves with White Collars": Persistent Performances of Masculinity in Crisis Karen Lee Ashcraft and Lisa A. Flores  29. A Body of Text: Revisiting Textual Performances of Gender and Sexuality on the Internet Niels van Doorn, Sally Wyatt, and Liesbet van Zoonen  IV. Texts: Genre, Mode, and Other Narrative Strategies  Introduction to Part IV Mary Celeste Kearney  30. Oedipus Interruptus Teresa de Lauretis  31. A "Girlboy’s" Own Story: Non-Masculine Narrativity in Ma Vie en Rose Michael R. Schiavi  32. Speculations on the Relationship between Soap Opera and Melodrama Christine Gledhill  33. Film Bodies: Gender, Genre, and Excess Linda Williams  34. "I Just Want to Be Me Again!": Beauty Pageants, Reality Television, and Post-feminism Sarah Banet-Weiser and Laura Portwood-Stacer  35. Fists of Fury: Discourses of Race and Masculinity in the Martial Arts Cinema Yvonne Tasker  36. Letting the Boys Be Boys: Talk Radio, Male Hysteria, and Political Discourse in the 1980s  Susan J. Douglas  37. "Waddaya Lookin' At?" Re-reading the Gangster Genre through The Sopranos Martha P. Nochimson  38. "Never Trust a Snake": WWF Wrestling as Masculine Melodrama Henry Jenkins  39. Forging Masculinity: Heavy-Metal Sounds and Images of Gender Robert Walser  40. The Gendered Carnival of Pop Diane Railton  V. Consumption: Spectators, Fans, Users, and Gamers  Introduction to Part V Mary Celeste Kearney  41. Women’s Genres: Melodrama, Soap Opera, and Theory Annette Kuhn  42. The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators bell hooks  43. There’s Something Queer Here Alexander Doty  44. Behind Closed Doors: Video Recorders in the Home Ann Gray  45. Sizing Up Record Collections: Gender and Connoisseurship in Rock Music Culture Will Straw  46. Feminine Fascinations: Forms of Identification in Star-Audience Relations Jackie Stacey  47. The Fabulous Sublimity of Gay Diva Worship  Brett Farmer  48. Private Uses of Cyberspace: Women, Desire, and Fan Culture Sharon Cumberland  49. Women and Games: Technologies of the Gendered Self  Pam Royse, Joon Lee, Baasanjav Undrahbuyan, Mark Hopson, and Mia Consalvo  50. Real Boys Carry Girly Epics: Normalising Gender Bending in Online Games Esther MacCallum-Stewart


    Mary Celeste Kearney is Associate Professor of Radio-Television-Film and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She is author of Girls Make Media (Routledge, 2006) and editor of Mediated Girlhoods: New Explorations of Girls’ Media Culture (Peter Lang, 2011). Her current works in progress include Power Chords and Groupie Chicks: Gender in Rock Culture, forthcoming from Oxford University Press.