1st Edition

The Generative Study of Second Language Acquisition

ISBN 9780805815542
Published January 1, 1998 by Psychology Press
384 Pages

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Book Description

The vast majority of work in theoretical linguistics from a generative perspective is based on first language acquisition and performance. The vast majority of work on second language acquisition is carried out by scholars and educators working within approaches other than that of generative linguistics. In this volume, this gap is bridged as leading generative linguists apply their intellectual and disciplinary skills to issues in second language acquisition. The results will be of interest to all those who study second language acquisition, regardless of their theoretical perspective, and all generative linguists, regardless of the topics on which they work.

Table of Contents

Contents: S. Flynn, Introduction. Part I:Functional Categories. U. Lakshmanan, Functional Categories and Related Mechanisms in Child Second Language Acquisition. A. Vainikka, M. Young-Scholten, The Initial State in the L2 Acquisition of Phrase Structure. B.D. Schwartz, On Two Hypotheses of "Transfer" in L2A: Minimal Trees and Absolute L1 Influence. S.D. Epstein, S. Flynn, G. Martohardjono, The Strong Continuity Hypothesis: Some Evidence Concerning Functional Categories in Adult L2 Acquisition. J.W. Gair, Functional Categories in L2 Acquisition: Homegrown or Imported? Commentary on Part I. Part II:Constraints on Wh-Movement. X. Li, Adult L2 Accessibility to UG: An Issue Revisited. L. White, A. Juffs, Constraints on Wh-Movement in Two Different Contexts of Nonnative Language Acquisition: Competence and Processing. D.C. Lillo-Martin, The Acquisition of English by Deaf Signers: Is Universal Grammar Involved? G. Martohardjono, Measuring Competence in L2 Acquisition: Commentary on Part II. Part III:Binding and Related Issues. T. Al-Kasey, A.T. Pérez-Leroux, Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Null Subjects. S. Bennett, L. Progovac, Morphological Status of Reflexives in Second Language Acquisition. N. Yusa, A Minimalist Approach to Second Language Acquisition. K. Christie, J.P. Lantolf, Bind Me Up Bind Me Down: Reflexives in L2. M. Thomas, Binding and Related Issues in L2 Acquisition: Commentary on Part III. Part IV:Phonology. J. Archibald, Metrical Parameters and Lexical Dependency: Acquiring L2 Stress. A. Youssef, I. Mazurkewich, The Acquisition of English Metrical Parameters and Syllable Structure by Adult Native Speakers of Egyptian Arabic (Cairene Dialect). W. O'Neil, The Rhythm Rule in English and the Growth of L2 Knowledge.

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"...the chapters in the book are clearly written, providing the reader with both basic notions of the field and results of recently performed research. The volume updates us with recent ideas about the deep linguistic basis of L2 acquisition."
The Phonetician