1st Edition

The Gentrification Reader

Edited By Loretta Lees, Tom Slater, Elvin Wyly Copyright 2010
    648 Pages
    by Routledge

    648 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gentrification remains a subject of heated debate in the public realm as well as scholarly and policy circles. This Reader brings together the classic writings and contemporary literature that has helped to define the field, changed the direction of how it is studied and illustrated the points of conflict and consensus that are distinctive of gentrification research. Covering everything from the theories of gentrification through to analysis of state-led policies and community resistance to those polices, this is an unparalleled collection of influential writings on a contentious contemporary issue. With insightful commentary from the editors, who are themselves internationally renowned experts in the field, this is essential reading for students of urban planning, geography, urban studies, sociology and housing studies.

    Part 1: Defining Gentrification Introduction 1. Gentrification Ruth Glass 2. On Definitions Neil Smith and Peter Williams 3. The Chaos and Complexity of Gentrification Robert Beauregard 4. The Order and Simplicity of Gentrification - A Political Challenge Eric Clark Part 2: Stage Models of Gentrification Introduction 5. Neighbourhood Renewal: Middle-Class Resettlement and Incumbent Upgrading in American Neighbourhoods P. Clay 6. Islands of Renewal in Seas of Decay Brian Berry 7. The Demise of Gentrification? A Commentary and Prospective View Larry Bourne 8. The Changing State of Gentrification Jason Hackworth and Neil Smith Part 3: Explaining/Theorizing Gentrification Introduction Section A. Production Side Explanations Introduction 9. Toward a Theory Of Gentrification: a Back to the City Movement by Capital, Not People Neil Smith 10. Gentrification and the Rent Gap Neil Smith Reply: The Rent Gap Revisited David Ley 11. ‘The Rent Gap Debunked’ S.C. Bourassa 12. Re-Establishing the Rent Gap: an Alternative View of Capitalized Land Rent Dan Hammel Section B. Consumption Side Explanations Introduction 13. Gentrification and the Politics of the New Middle Class David Ley 14. Class Definitions and the Aesthetics of Gentrification: Victoriana in Melbourne Michael Jager 15. Gentrification and Desire Jon Caulfield 16. ‘Life on the Upslope': The Postmodern Landscape of Gentrification C. Mills Section C. Moving Outside of the Production Versus Consumption Stalemate Introduction 17. Rethinking Gentrification: Beyond the Uneven Development of Marxist Urban Theory Damaris Rose 18. Gentrification: Culture and Capital in the Urban Core Sharon Zukin 19. ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant: the Explanation of Gentrification’ Chris Hamnett 20. On Blindness, Centerpieces and Complementarity in Gentrification Theory Eric Clark Section D. Gentrification and Gender, Sexuality, Race/Ethnicity Introduction 21. Gender Divisions and Gentrification: a Critique Liz Bondi 22. Towards an Analysis of the Role of Gay Communities in the Urban Renaissance Mickey Lauria and Lawrence Knopp 23. Can You Go Home Again? Black Gentrification and the Dilemma of Difference Monique Taylor 24. Negotiating Grit and Glamour: Young Women of Color and the Gentrification of the Lower East Side C. Cahill Part 4: Gentrification and Displacement Introduction 25. Neighborhood Revitalization and Displacement: a Review of the Evidence H. Sumka 26. Abandonment, Gentrification and Displacement: the Linkages in New York City Peter Marcuse 27. The Hidden Costs of Gentrification: displacement in Central London Rowland Atkinson 28. Gentrification and Displacement New York City in the 1990s Lance Freeman and Frank Braconi Part 5: Geographies of Gentrification Introduction 29. A Re-Appraisal of Gentrification: towards a ‘Geography of Gentrification’ Loretta Lees 30. Social Capital, Gentrification and Neighbourhood Change in London: a Comparison of Three South London Neighbourhoods Tim Butler and Gary Robson 31. I Want To Be Global: theorizing the Gentrifying Class as an Emergent Elite Global Community Matthew Rofe 32. Other Geographies of Gentrification Martin Phillips Part 6: Gentrification and Urban Policy Introduction 33. The Case for Gentrification William H. Whyte 34. Islands of Decay in Seas of Renewal: Housing Policy and the Resurgence of Gentrification E. Wyly and D. Hammel 35. New Globalism, New Urbanism: Gentrification as Global Urban Strategy Neil Smith 36. Gentrification as a Governmental Strategy: Social Control and Social Cohesion in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam J. Uitermark, J. Duyvendak and R. Kleinhans Part 7: Resisting Gentrification Introduction 37. The Right to Stay Put Chester Hartman 38. The Right to Stay Put, Revisited: Gentrification and Resistance to Displacement in New York City Kath Newman and Elvin Wyly 39. The Eviction of Critical Perspectives From Gentrification Research Tom Slater 40. In the Face of Gentrification: Case Studies of Local Efforts to Mitigate Displacement Diane K. Levy, Jennifer Comey, and Sandra Padilla


    Loretta Lees is Professor of Human Geography at King's College London, UK.

    Tom Slater is Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

    Elvin Wyly is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

    "Concise and clear without eschewing important nuances, these well-crafted syntheses will be valuable to instructors preparing classes as well as the graduate student audiences who are likely to be the main consumers of this tome." - Damaris Rose, Centre Urbanisation Culture Société Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Montreal, PQ, Canada

    "What a marvelous, comprehensive treatment of this evolving, now mainstream, urban process, correctly characterized as neo-colonialism. Provides an international perspective and highlights the key role of the state." - Chester Hartman, Director of Research, Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Washington, DC, USA

    "The editors have performed a valuable service in bringing together key texts on what is probably the most critical phenomenon in cities around the world today. If you teach upper-level urban geography or urban studies, this is the reader for which you’ve been waiting! By making these sometimes fugitive texts available under one cover, the editors have saved us a lot of time and increased the likelihood that students will actually read the material!" - Briavel Holcomb, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University, USA

    ‘"Gentrification" is shorthand for a process of restructuring cities that has major implications for their future and the welfare of their residents. It has, for that very reason, become a highly controversial subject, slippery and subject to discordant interpretations and responses. This excellent book gets to the heart of the problem, presenting orthodoxies and critiques, empirical and theoretical approaches, and cases from widely differing contexts, providing raw meat for real debates.’ - Peter Marcuse, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, USA

    "...this is an excellent collection and a must for the student of gentrification and policy makers in the related areas of redevelopment, revitalization and community change." - Australian Planner