320 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    320 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This extensively revised second edition of The Geopolitics Reader draws together the most influential and significant geopolitical readings from the last hundred years. A compendium of divergent viewpoints of global conflict and change, it includes readings from Halford Mackinder, Theodore Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, George Kennan, Samuel Huntington, Edward Said, Osama Bin Laden and American neoconservatives. It draws on the most illuminating examples of imperial, Cold War and contemporary geopolitics, as well as new environmental themes, global dangers and multiple resistances to the practices of geopolitics.

    Whilst retaining a coherent five part structure, the selection of readings has been updated to account for recent developments in the critical study of geopolitics and the post 9/11 geopolitical landscape (including issues in technoscience, biowarfare, oil politics, and terrorism), and key questions address issues of the transformed nature of threats in the new millennium, the debate over the hegemonic position of the US, and non-American perspectives on contemporary geopolitics.

    Skilfully guiding the reader through the divergent viewpoints of global conflict and change, the editors, all leading geopolitical authorities, provide comprehensive introductions and critical commentaries at the start of each section. Illustrated with provocative cartoons, this second edition of The Geopolitics Reader is the ideal textbook for introductory classes on international relations, world politics, political geography and, of course, geopolitics, provoking lively discussion of how questions of discourse and power are at the centre of the critical study of geopolitics.

    Introduction Gearóid Ó Tuathail Thinking Critically About Geopolitics 1 1. Imperialist Geopolitics. Gearóid Ó Tuathail Introduction 1. Halford J. Mackinder 1904 ‘The Geographical Pivot of History’ From Geographical Journal 2. Theodore Roosevelt 1905 ‘The Roosevelt Corollary’ From A Compilation of Messages and Papers of the Presidents 3. Karl Haushofer 1942 ‘Why Geopolitik?’ From The World of General Haushofer 4. Adolf Hitler 1942 ‘Eastern Orientation of Eastern Policy?’ From Mein Kampf 5. Isaiah Bowman 1942 ‘Geopolitics vs. Geography’ From Geographical Review 6. Karl Haushofer 1948 ‘Defense of German Geopolitics’ From Total Power: A Footnote to History 2. Cold War Geopolitics Gearóid Ó Tuathail Introduction 7. President Harry 1947 ‘The Truman Doctrine’ Truman From Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States 8. George F. Kennan 1947 ‘The Sources of Soviet Conduct’ From Foreign Affairs 9. Andrei Zhdanov 1947 ‘Soviet Policy and World Politics’ From The International Situation 10. Gearóid Ó Tuathail 2001. ‘A Geopolitical Discourse with Robert McNamara’ From Geopolitics 11. Leonid Brezhnev 1968 ‘The Brezhnev Doctrine’ From Pravda 12. Gearóid Ó Tuathail 1992 ‘Geopolitics and Discourse: Practical and John Agnew Geopolitical Reasoning in American Foreign Policy’ From Political Geography Quarterly 13. Policy Statement OF 1984 ‘Common Sense and the Common Danger’ The Committee on the From Alerting America: The Papers of the Committee on Present Danger the Present Danger 14. End Committee 1980 ‘Appeal for European Nuclear Disarmament (End)’ From Protest and Survive 15. Francis Fukuyama 1989 ‘The End of History?’ From The National Interest 3. Twenty First Century Geopolitics Gearóid Ó Tuathail Introduction 16. Samuel P. Huntington 1993 ‘The Clash of Civilizations?’ From Foreign Affairs 17. Project for a New 1997 ‘Statement of Principles’ American Century From newamericancentury.org 18. Edward Said 2001 ‘The Clash of Ignorance’ From The Nation 19. Thomas P. Barnett 2003 ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’ From Esquire 20. Michael Ignatieff 2003 ‘The Burden: The American Empire.’ From The New York Times magazine 21. Anatol Lieven 2004 ‘Introduction: America: Right or Wrong’ From America: Right or Wrong 4. The Geopolitics of Global Dangers. Simon Dalby Introduction 22 Robert D. Kaplan 1994 ‘The Coming Anarchy’ From The Atlantic Monthly 23 Simon Dalby 1996 ‘Reading Robert Kaplan’s ‘Coming Anarchy’’ From Ecumene 24 Philippe Le Billion 2004 ‘The Geopolitical Economy of ‘Resource Wars’’ From Geopolitics 25 Michael T. Klare 2004 ‘No Escape From Dependency’ From TomDispatch.com 26 Michael Renner 2003 ‘Oil and Blood: The Way to Take Over the World’ From World Watch Magazine 27 Jonathan B. Tucker 2004 ‘Biological Threat Assessment: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?’ From Arms Control Today 28 Gwyn Prins 2004 ‘AIDS and Global Security’ From International Affairs 5. Anti-Geopolitics. Paul Routledge Introduction 29 Edward Said 1984 ‘Orientalism Reconsidered’ From Europe and Its Others, Volume 1 30 Frantz Fanon 1963 ‘Concerning Violence’ From The Wretched of the Earth 31 George Konrad 1984 ‘Antipolitics: A Moral Force’ From Antipolitics: A Moral Force 32 Subcommandante 2003 ‘Tomorrow Begins Today: Invitation to an Insurrection MARCOS From We are Everywhere 33 Osama Bin Laden 2002 ‘Letter to America’ From the internet. 34 Gilbert Achar 2002 ‘The Clash of Barbarisms’ From The Clash of Barbarisms 35 Jennifer Hyndman 2003 ‘Beyond Either/Or: A Feminist Analysis of September 11th’ From ACME 36 Arundhati Roy 2003 ‘Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy’ From The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire


    Simon Dalby, Paul Routledge, Gerard Toal

    'This book is an extensively revised update of the editors' successful 1998 Geopolitics Reader ... The book provides a timely and very useful reminder of the historical genealogies of geopolitics and the need to critically interrogate the geopolitical visions of our collective world.' New Zealand Geographer, 63.


    'The Geopolitics Reader is an essential volume for the critical scholar of geopolitics'  Nancy Hiemstra, Political Geography