The George W. Bush Foreign Policy Reader: : Presidential Speeches with Commentary book cover
1st Edition

The George W. Bush Foreign Policy Reader:
Presidential Speeches with Commentary

ISBN 9780765615572
Published March 31, 2005 by Routledge
336 Pages

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Book Description

India has become one of the hottest business stories in the news. Covering the fast-growing economy, the twists and turns of domestic politics, labor in the large informal sector, the cultural roots of Hindu nationalism, the foreign relations roller coaster, the business of Bollywood, and a special chapter covering the range of new resources about India available on the web, this unique book highlights and illuminates India's vastly changing fortunes.

Table of Contents

Preface; 1. Bush and the World of 2000; 1.1 A Period of Consequences; 1.2 A Distinctly American Internationalism; 1.3 Future Nuclear Arms Policy; 1.4 Century of the Americas; Questions to Discuss; 2. The War on Terrorism; 2.1 Declaring a War on Terrorism; 2.2 President Bush Speaks to the U.N.; 2.3 2002 State of the Union Address; 2.4 Graduation Speech at West Point; Questions to Discuss; 3. Iraq; 3.1 Remarks at the United Nations; 3.2 Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat; 3.3 Major Combat Operations Ended; 3.4 Iraq's Future; 3.5 Steps to Help Iraq Achieve Democracy; Questions to Discuss; 4. Global Security Issues; 4.1 Speaking to the Citadel Cadets; 4.2 Troop Redeployment; 4.3 National Missile Defense; 4.4 ABM Treaty; 4.5 Countering the Threat of WMD; Questions to Discuss; 5. Global Issues; 5.1 Global Climate Change; 5.2 Global Climate Initiatives; 5.3 The U.N.'s Global Role; 5.4 Three Pillars of Peace and Security; Questions to Discuss; 6. Europe and Russia; 6.1 Future of Europe; 6.2 German Support Against Terror; 6.3 Historic NATO Summit; 6.4 Remarks to the People of Poland; Questions to Discuss; 7. Relations with Asian Powers; 7.1 U.S., China Stand Against Terrorism; 7.2 Bush Speaks at Tsinghua University; 7.3 Welcoming Premier Wen of China; 7.4 Welcoming Koizumi of Japan; 7.5 Unity Between the U.S. and Japan; Questions to Discuss; 8. Middle East Peace and Reform; 8.1 Sending Secretary Powell to Middle East; 8.2 New Palestinian Leadership; 8.3 Bush Commends Sharon's Plan; 8.4 Freedom in Iraq and Middle East; Questions to Discuss; 9. Latin America and Africa; 9.1 Summit of the Americas; 9.2 U.S. Economic Ties with Africa; 9.3 New Conditioned Aid for Development; 9.4 A Vision of Africa; 9.5 Fighting Global HIV/AIDS; 9.6 Agenda for U.S.-African Relations; Questions to Discuss; Notes; Index

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