The Geotourism Industry in the 21st Century : The Origin, Principles, and Futuristic Approach book cover
1st Edition

The Geotourism Industry in the 21st Century
The Origin, Principles, and Futuristic Approach

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August 30, 2020 Forthcoming by Apple Academic Press
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Book Description

Here is an engaging overview of the development of, definition of, and approach to modern geotourism, a growing movement to help sustain and showcase the distinctive geographical characteristics of many places around the world. This volume, The Geotourism Industry in the 21st Century: The Origin, Principles, and Futuristic Approach,provides a clear conceptual framework with illustrative examples from all corners of the world to better understand abiotic nature-based tourism.

The volume looks at the establishment and effective management of the over 130 UNESCO geoparks around the world and other travel and tourism destinations of interest for their significant historical, cultural, and frequently stunning physical attributes. With studies from a selection of geotourist areas in Poland, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Albania, California, Mexico, Peru, and other places, the volume explores urban geotourism, mining heritage, geomorphological landforms, geoheritage (based on cultural and historical interest), roadside geology of the U. S., community engagement and volunteer management programs, and much more.

Table of Contents


1. The Scope and Nature of Geotourism in the 21st Century
Bahram N. Sadry

2. Historical Viewpoints on the Geotourism Concept in the 21st Century
Thomas A. Hose

3. Urban Geotourism in Poland
Krzysztof Gaidzik

4. Mining Heritage as Geotourism Attractions in Brazil
Antonio Liccardo, Virginio Mantesso-Neto, and Marcos Antonio Leite Do Nascimento

5. Geomorphosites: Aesthetic Landscape Features or Earth History Heritage?
Emmanuel Reynard

6. Geoheritage and Geotourism in Albania
Afat Serjani

7. Establishing an Appropriate Methodology for the Management of Geological Heritage for Geotourism Development in the Azores UNESCO Global Geopark
Eva Almeida Lima and Marisa Machado

8. “Simply the Best”?: The Search for the World’s Top Geotourism Destinations
Murray Gray

9. Interpreting Mining: A Case Study of a Coal Mine Exhibit
Ted T. Cable

10. Geotrails
Thomas A. Hose

11. Interpreting Geological and Mining Heritage
Ross Dowling

12. Evolving Geological Interpretation Writings about a Well-Traveled Part of California, 1878–2016
William Witherspoon

13. Commercially Successful Books for Place-Based Geology: Roadside Geology Covers the U. S.
William Witherspoon and John Rimel

14. Community Engagement in Japanese Geoparks

Kazem Vafadari and Malcolm J. M. Cooper

15. The Role of Volunteer Management Programs in Geotourism Development
Cristian Ciobanu and Alexandru Andrășanu

16. Geotourism and Proposed Geopark Projects in Turkey
Gülpinar Akbulut Özpay

17. Geotourism Development in Latin American UNESCO Global Geoparks: Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and Peru
José Luis Palacio Prieto, César Gosso, Diego Irazábal, José Patrício Pereira Melo, Francisco Do O´De Lima Júnior, Carles Canet, Miguel A. Cruz-Pérez, Erika Salgado-Martínez, Juan Carlos Mora-Chaparro, Krzysztof Gaidzik, Jerzy Żaba, and Justyna Ciesielczu

18. Dinosaur Geotourism, a World Wide Growing Tourism Niche
Nathalie Cayla

19. Accessible Geotourism: Constraints and Implications
Mamoon Allan

20. Space and Celestial Geotourism
Bahram N. Sadry

21. Post-Mining Objects as Geotourist Attractions: Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland)
Krzysztof Gaidzik and Marta Chmielewska

22. Geotourism vs. Mass Tourism: An Overview of the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark
Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani

23. The Future of Geotourism
Bahram N. Sadry


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Bahram N. Sadry, PhD, is an Adjunct Lecturer and a Geotourism Consultant. Dr. Sadry conducts research in the fields of geotourism, ecotourism, and wildlife tourism and heritage interpretation. He has published several books and textbooks on geotourism and has undertaken geotourism consultancy projects for the private sector. He is also an education consultant and a curriculum developer on tourism and geotourism in higher education and geo-tour guide training courses for his national government. Dr. Sadry is deeply involved in the development of geotourism and is a passionate advocate for the creation of national geoparks and UNESCO Global Geoparks around the world. He holds a BE degree (Mining eng.), MSc (Geography), and PhD (Educational Administration).


“A timely contribution to studies on the status and practice of modern geotourism. . . . A sterling effort . . . As Bahram suggests in the book’s opening sentence, ‘Geotourism is an emerging and promising field for enjoyable and meaningful experiences in contemporary tourism.’ Similarly, this book is an enjoyable read and will add understanding and meaning to its readers’ own geotourism experiences!”

—From the Foreword by Thomas A. Hose, Honorary Research Associate, University of Bristol, United Kingdom; Visiting Professor, University of Novi Sad, Serbia


“An important book because it brings together the interpretive and management aspects of geotourism on a global scale. It reveals geotourism’s potential to popularize the fundamentals of geoscience and open up new pathways of sustainable economic development. Through his own chapters and those of the authors he has invited, Dr. Sadry has conveyed his global knowledge of the geopark movement and the art of geoscience interpretation. . . . This book will help geopark managers, geoscience educators, and all researchers and students of geotourism to use those ‘things themselves’ to instill bone-deep awareness of how the planet works. It will also help them use geotourism to create economic value for alleviating poverty, while protecting resources for future generations.”

—From the Foreword by William (Bill) Witherspoon, PhD, Retired geologist leading walks and talks; Co-author, Roadside Geology of Georgia

“A very useful addition to the ever-expanding collection of books on geotourism. With examples and contributors from around the world, the 23 chapters cover the expected topics well—but there are also unexpected topics too, which add greatly to the volume’s value. Just three examples: a chapter on Hateg Global Geopark’s highly skilled youth volunteers (yes, I have been guided by some of them), then there’s a chapter on mass tourism versus sustainable tourism in Langkawi Global Geopark, and finally thoughts on developing celestial tourism using the dark skies enjoyed by many geoparks. With increasing urbanization on our planet, the latter has to be a winner!”

—John Macadam / Earthwords,, also Honorary Associate at University of Exeter (UK)