1st Edition

The Gerontological Prism
Developing Interdisciplinary Bridges

ISBN 9780415784283
Published August 14, 2018 by Routledge
350 Pages

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Book Description

"The Gerontological Prism" promotes disciplinary cooperation in aging research and practice. To some extent, each chapter explores a unified objective, that of generating a disciplinary-blind gerontology. The fundamental assumption throughout this book is that the aging individual and society can be enhanced by an understanding of the correlates of basic social, behavioral, demographic, economic, political, ethical, and biomedical processes involving aging. Each author touches on issues that have both social psychological, and practical policy significance. They aim toward sensitizing the reader to the possibilities of a properly informed interdisciplinary approach to gerontology.

Table of Contents


 Chapter 1 - Aging and Social Change: Toward an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda Stephen J. Cutler

Chapter 2 - Psychology's Contributions to Gerontology Laura L. Carstensen,  Jeremy Graff, and Frieder Lang

Chapter 3 - A Social Psychology of the Life Cycle: Interdisciplinary Social Policies,  Perceptions, and Prospects Jeffrey Michael Clair, William C. Yoels, and David A. Karp

Chapter 4 - Clinical and Health Services Delivery Research Richard M. Allman, Patricia S. Baker, and Richard S. Maisiak

 Chapter 5 - Diversity As a Catalyst for Change  E. Percil Stanford and Gwendolyn E. Stanford

Chapter 6 - Intergenerational Relationships and Aging: Families, Cohorts, and  Social Change
Vern Bengtson, Timothy Biblarz, Edward Clarke, Roseann Giarrusso, Robert Roberts, Judith Richlin-Klonsky,  and Merril Silverstein

Chapter 7 - Interdisciplinary Health Care in the Twenty-First Century: Fantasy or Fundamental? Theresa J. K. Drinka

Chapter 8 - Organizing Chronic Care: The Value of Organization Theory to Gerontology William E. Aaronson, Connie J. Evashwick, and Richard M. Shewchuk

Chapter 9 - Nursing Homes and the Long-Term Care Market  Michael A. Morrisey and
Fredric D. Wolinsky

 Chapter 10 - Perspectives on Aging: Progress and Priorities for Age-Related Cancers Harvey Jay Cohen

Chapter 11 - Caring for Alzheimer's Disease Patients: Issues of Verbal Communication and Social Interaction Louis Burgio, Rebecca Allen-Burge, Alan Stevens, Linda Davis, and Daniel Marson

Chapter 12 - The Geriatric Medical Encounter Patricia S. Baker, Jeffrey Michael Clair, William C. Yoels, and Richard M. Allman

Chapter 13 - Treatment of Urinary Incontinence: Current Status and Future Directions  Kathryn L. Burgio, Patricia S. Goode, R. Edward Varner, L. Keith Lloyd, Donald A. Urban, and Mary G. Umlauf

Chapter 14 - Mobility Impairment and Its Consequences in the Elderly Cynthia Owsley, Richard M. Allman, Marilyn Gossman, Sherron Kell, Richard V. Sims, and Patricia S. Baker

Chapter 15 - Closing Comments: Barriers To and Potential For an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda in Aging Richard M. Allman and Jeffrey M. Clair




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