1st Edition

The Global Emerging Market Strategic Management and Economics

By Vladimir Kvint Copyright 2009
    522 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Despite the growing importance of the global emerging market (GEM) for the world’s business, economies, and politics, it has received a relatively scant amount of academic attention in business and economics courses. This textbook is the first to focus on the GEM and its strategic and economic characteristics.

    The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics describes the fundamental economic base and trends of the global marketplace (GMP) as well as business and management development for the conditions of emerging-market countries (EMCs). Focusing on the formation of a strategic mindset and the decision making process, it explains how to analyze the basic economic factors and the global order, especially in times of crisis. This text also explains how to classify countries related to this new market of tremendous opportunities. Furthermore, the book includes recommendations on how to develop entry and exit strategies for the GEM, work in it and create efficient management systems.

    Features include:

    • Extensive tables, charts, and graphs illustrating the strategic considerations of the GMP and the GEM
    • End-of-chapter study questions
    • Practical examples based on the author’s involvement in the development of the GEM, from both sides of the international transactions

    This academic book is the ideal guide for current business leaders and students on how to make strategic, symmetric, and asymmetric time-sensitive decisions related to the GEM.

    1. Strategic Evaluation of the Global Marketplace  2. The Global Emerging Market  3. Ten Modern Global Political, Economic, and Technological Trends  4. Strategic Country Classification of the Global Marketplace 5. The Emerging Global Business Order  6. Global Economic Strategy 7. Strategic Management Systems 8. Investment Strategy for the Global Emerging Market


    Dr Vladimir Kvint is Professor of Management Systems at LaSalle University (PA), Chair of the Department of Financial Strategy of the Moscow State University’s Moscow School of Economics, and member of the Bretton Woods Committee. He also has extensive experience working in the US, Europe, and EMCs, as an executive and advisor for businesses and government leaders.

    "Vladimir Kvint's new book, The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics provides a very sharp, yet fully comprehensive vision on the new strategic imperatives that Business executives need to take into consideration, when engaging in Emerging Markets. The Economic and Business consequences of "the rise of the rest" in today's world still need to be fully understood: Kvint's views and analysis provide a clear step ahead in this direction, providing corporate leaders with the right strategic tools for successfully conducting business in today's rapidly developing economies"

    --Nicola Villa, Global Director, Connected Urban Development, Cisco Systems

    "This is a fascinating, comprehensive, and timely book that covers an enormous amount of material and offers crucial insights in an area of critical importance and challenging opportunity for business students who aspire to positions of strategic influence and financial success. It offers the reader a very clear understanding of how and why the global emerging market has developed as it has over the last quarter century and a seasoned practitioner’s well-argued suggestions for the developments that can be expected in the coming years."

    --Sharon P. Smith, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

    "This book provides an extensive history of Global Emerging Markets and a well developed analysis of their current status within the world economy and the forces that will shape their future destiny. I have never seen all of this information on Emerging Markets presented in a single text, a fact that is not at all surprising since Dr. Kvint is an internationally recognized expert on Emerging Markets. This book should act as the definitive work on the subject for the foreseeable future."

    --Robert M. Wharton, Ph.D., Professor/Chair, Department of Management, Fordham University 

    "Professor Kvint's views on economics are refreshingly incisive and productively challenging.  His assessment of Emerging Markets, whilst based on deep intellectual analysis and years of experience are expressed in understandable and practical terms, which reflect his engaging and energetic personality.  For those of us who do business around the world this book adds significant value."
    --Sir Fraser Morrison, CEO, RMJM Architecture, New York-London