1st Edition

The Global Structure of Financial Markets An Overview

Edited By Dilip K. Ghosh, Dilip K Ghosh*Cnp*, Edgar Ortiz Copyright 1997

    This volume uses the original research of experienced contributors to explore recent changes in financial markets. Areas discussed include Latin America, Europe, the USA, Mexico and India. The book updates issues including:

    * Risk and its minimization
    * Business enterprise on world markets
    * Capital flows and capital flight
    * Offshore markets
    * Central bank intervention

    1: Introduction; Global Capital Markets; 2: Globalization of Business and Finance and Emerging Capital Markets; 3: On The Estimation Of Global Beta; 4: Perverse Effects of Globalization in Today's Latin American Finance; 5: Liberalization and Deregulation of the Mexican Stock Market; 6: Latin American Equity Markets; 7: Global Co-Movements of Stock Markets Before and After the 1987 Crash; 8: Equity and Oil Markets Under External Shocks; Global Foreign Exchange Markets; 9: Naked and Covered Speculation in Foreign Exchange Market; 10: Consistent Estimates of Exchange-Rate Pass-Through Coefficients for the Leading European Countries; 11: On Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates; 12: Exchange Rate Theories and the Behavior of Exchange Rates; 13: Forward and Futures Markets; 14: Immunizing Currency Risk in International Trade and Finance; 15: Purchasing Power Parity and the Peso/Dollar Exchange Rate; Global Banking Issues; 16: Contestable Markets and the Mexican Banking Sector in the Context of Nafta; 17: Rivalry and Evolution of an Industry's Structure; 18: International Interest Rate Mechanisms in Bank Lending and Borrowing Markets; 19: European Union Equity Market Reactions to the 1992–93 ERM Crisis; 20: The Evolution of US Multinational Banking; Capital Flows in the Global Structure; 21: External Capital Flows To Developing Countries; 22: Determinants Of Foreign Direct Investment Outflows Of Selected Oecd Countries; 23: An Examination of the Argument for Increased Investment in Emerging Markets; 24: Re-Exploring Financial Diversification; 25: Capital Flight From India to the United States Through Abnormal Pricing in International Trade *; 26: A Frontier Function Analysis Of Capital Flight From Selected Latin American Countries; 27: Offshore Markets And Capital Flows


    Dilip K. Ghosh, Dilip K Ghosh*Cnp*, Edgar Ortiz