2nd Edition

The Great War 1914–1918

By Marc Ferro Copyright 2002

    A landmark history of the war that firmly places the First World War in the context of imperialism and gives due weight to the role of non-Europeans in the conflict.

    Translator's Note  Introduction  Part 1:  1.  War, the Liberator  2. Patriotic War  3. Inevitable War  4. Imaginary War  5. 'War on War'  6. War is Declared  Part 2:  7. From Movement to Stagnation  8. Strong Points and Weak Points  9. Verdun and the Great Battles  10. Cannon Fodder and the New Art of War  11. Styles of War: Direct and Indirect  12. World War and Total War  13. The Possible and the Impossible  Part 3:  14. Tensions New and Old  15. Crises of War  16.  Revolutionary Peace, Compromise Peace, Victorious Peace  Part 4:  17. Between War and Crusade  18. The Illusions of Victory  Select Bibliography  Index


    Marc Ferro (1924-). President of the Association of Research at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Co-Director of the prestigious French review Annales.

    'Morrow is an excellent military historian who follows quite strictly the war's events on the various fronts, revealing the colonial effort in troops and economics.' - Prof. Annette Becker, The Times Educational Supplement