1st Edition

The Greek World

Edited By Anton Powell Copyright 1995
    640 Pages
    by Routledge

    636 Pages
    by Routledge

    Studying from the Mycenean to the late Hellenistic period, this work includes new articles by twenty-seven specialists of ancient Greece, and presents an examination of the Greek cultures of mainland Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt and Italy.

    With the chapters sharing the theme of social history, this fascinating book focuses on women, the poor, and the slaves – all traditionally seen as beyond the margins of powerand includes the study of figures who were on the literal margins of the Greek world.

    Bringing to the forefront the research into areas previously thought of as marginal, Anton Powell sheds new light on vital topics and authors who are central to the study of Greek culture.

    Plato’s reforms are illuminated through a consideration of his impatient and revolutionary attitude to women, and Powell also examines how the most potent symbol of central Greek history – the Parthenon – can be understood as a political symbol when viewed with the knowledge of the cosmetic techniques used by classical Athenian women.

    The Greek World is a stimulating and enlightening interaction of social and political history, comprehensive, and unique to boot, students will undoubtedly benefit from the insight and knowledge it imparts.

    Robin Osborne, University of Oxford; Alan Griffiths, University College, London; Rosalind Thomas, Royal Holloway College; J.R.Morgan, University College, Swansea; Philip de Souza, Strawberry Hill College; Helen King, University of Reading; Anton Powell, University of Cardiff; Kathryn Lomas, University of Newcastle; Andrew Erskine, University College, Dublin; Nigel Spivey, University of Cambridge; A.M.Bowie, University of Oxford; Robert Parker, University of Oxford, Edward Hussey, University of Oxford, T.H.Irwin, Cornell University, NY, T.J.Saunders, University of Newcastle


    Powell, Anton

    `Anton Powell's innovative and ambitious collection of 27 articles.' - Times Higher Eduction