The Greening of Aid : Sustainable livelihoods in practice book cover
1st Edition

The Greening of Aid
Sustainable livelihoods in practice

ISBN 9780415851206
Published April 11, 2013 by Routledge
322 Pages

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Book Description

The development of poor countries has so often meant the export of Northern technology for ambitious schemes designed to make money � the latest giant dam, oil refinery, logging process or pesticide factory. But such 'aid' has frequently been ecologically destructive and its crippling cost has ended up making life immeasurably worse for those it was supposed to help. Using examples from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, this book shows there are forms of development that allow people to control their own resources while improving their condition and enhancing their environment. The 33 case studies from agriculture, fishing and industry were commissioned by the International Institute for Environment and Development from people closely involved in the projects, with overviews by Robert Chambers, John Michael Kramer, Marilyn Carr, David Butcher and Yves Cabannes. Originally published in 1988

Table of Contents

List of Figures, Maps and Tables Preface Introduction Czech Conroy Part 1 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (1)Chapter 1 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: a Key Strategy for People, Environment and Development Robert Chambers Case Studies: 1. Lampang Applied Nutrition Program, Thailand Philip von Mehren and John Seo 2. Social Security through Social Fencing, Sukhomajri and Nada, North India P. R. Mishra and Madhu Sarin 3. Baudha-Bahunipati Family Welfare Project, Nepal Torn Arem and Gopal ,l.hkarmi 4. Tin Aicha, Mali Stephen Morrissey 5. Guinope Integrated Development Program, Honduras Roland Bunch Part 2 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (2) Chapter 2 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods: Enhanced Resource Productivity John Michael Krame? Case Studies: 6. World Bank Irrigation and Water-Catchment Protection Project, Dumoga, Indonesia Jan hi'nd and Effendy A. Sumardja 7. Soil Conservation Programme, Kenya .Cbmzan Hudton 8. Dry-Season Gardening Projects, Niger Robert Cottingham 9. Soil and Water Conservation in Yatenga, Burkina Paso Chris Reij 10. Agroforestry Outreach Project, Haiti Frederick J. Conway 11. The Guesselbodi Experiment: Bushland Management in Niger John G. Heermans Part 3 Appropriate Technology and Industry Chapter 3 Mass Production or Production by the Masses? Marilyn Carr Cure Studies: 12. Kerala Fishing-Boat Project, South India John Kurien 13. Micro-Hydro Systems Manufacture and Lse, Sepal Drummond Hislop 14. Improved Charcoal Stoves Programme, Kenya 2lonica Opole 15. Usutu Forest Pulp Mill, Swaziland Julian Ecans and Dauid Wright 16. Sorghum Processing, Botswana 0. G. Schmidt 17. Transfer of Sustainable Appropriate Technology, Ghana Ian Smillie 18. Small versus Large in the Indian Cement Industry Sanjay Sinha Part 4 Planning Techniques for Sustainable Development Chapter 4 Planning Techniques for Sustainable Development Colin P. Rees Case Studies: 19. Integrated Regional Development Planning, Santiago and Mira River Basins, Ecuador Richard Saunier 20. Land Capability Classification Based on the M'orld Life Zone System, Bolivia Joseph A Tost Jr 21. Country Environmental Profile, Paraguay Dennis McCaffrey 22. Rapid Rural Appraisal for Sustainable Development, the Northern Areas of Pakistan Gordon R. Conway, Tariq Husain, zahur Alum and M. Alim Mian 23. National Conservation Strategy, Zambia Stephen M. J. Bass Part 5 Human and Institutional Development Chapter 5 Human and Institutional Development David Butcher Case Studies: 24. Grameen Bank, Bangladesh, and Small Farmer Development Project, Nepal International Fund for Agricultural Development 25. Community Training Centres for Organic Agriculture and Appropriate Technology, Dominican Republic Horacio Ornes 26. Business Advisory Services to Small Enterprises and Local NGOs, Kenya and Ghana Thomas W. Dichter 27. Integrated Rural Development Programme, Serenje, Mpika and Chinsali, Zambia D. R. Mellors 28. Environmental Management Development, Indonesia Dr Arthur Hanson 29. Implementing Environmental Programmes - Why It Is Difficult and HOW to Make It Easier Dr Robin Bidzeell, Dr John Horberry and David Gettman Part 6 Human Settlements Chapter 6 Human Settlements Yves Cabannes Case Studies: 30. Orangi Pilot Project, Karachi, Pakistan Arf Hasan 31. Mutual Aid Co-operative Movement, Uruguay Centro Cooperativista CTruguayo 32. Uni6n de Palo Alto Co-operative, Mexico Rocio Lombera 33. Chawama Upgrading, Lusaka, Zambia Harrington E. Jere 34. Integrated Cornmunit) Development Project, Addis Xbaba, Ethiopia Petter ,\l)hren Conclusions Qrch Cun~oq Abbreviations Index

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Conroy, Czech ; Litvinoff, Miles