1st Edition

The Growth and Distribution of Population

By S. Vere Pearson Copyright 1935

    Originally published in 1935, this book examines the causes of global rural depopulation, slum housing conditions and city over-crowding. The falling birth-rate in the West, town planning, ribbon development, emigration and traffic problems are also discussed with particular focus on how they affect the growth and distribution of populations. Social, psychological and economic factors are all considered, as well as those dependent on physical geography.

    1.Introduction 2. Soil Fertility, Climate, Accessibility: Origin of Villages and Towns 3. Bread to Eat and Space to Live In 4. Developments in Agriculture 5. Regimes of Property in Asia 6. Law and Custom in Africa: The Magic Instrument 7. The First Duty of Government 8. The Size of Agricultural Holdings 9. What Governments Do 10. The Growth of Cities 11. Water Supplies: Sanitation: Feeding the Earth 12. Health in Town and Country 13. Rural Depopulation 14. Birth, Death and Marriage Rates: A Study of the Falling Birth-Rate 15. Love, Procreation, Contraception 16. The Garden City Idea 17. Town and Country Planning 18. Ground Values and Property (Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Houston, Boundary Difficulties near Manchester) 19. Traffic Troubles 20. Housing 21. A Gracious Disposition 22. Emigration 23. Cooperation for the Commonweal.


    S. Vere Pearson was Physician to the Mundesley Santorium.