1st Edition

The Growth of English Overseas Trade in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

By W. E. Minchinton Copyright 1969

    Originally published in 1969, this book discusses the growth of foreign trade between 1600 and 1775 which brought about a commercial revolution in England. English merchants developed the exchange of manufactured goods for primary products such as tobacco, sugar, cotton and silk. A notable feature of these years was the American orientation of English overseas trade. This expansion of commerce made a decisive contribution to national economic growth. Its implications for the economy as a whole and the process of industrialization are reviewed at length in the substantial introduction.

    Introduction W. E. Minchinton 1. London’s Export Trade in the Early Seventeenth Century F. J. Fisher 2. English Foreign Trade, 1660-1700 Ralph Davis 3. English Foreign Trade, 1700-1774 Ralph Davis 4. Trends in Eighteenth Century Smuggling W. A. Cole 5. Anglo-Portuguese Trade, 1700-1770 H. E. S. Fisher 6. Aspects of English Economic Growth in the First Half of the Eighteenth-Century A. H. John.


    W. E. Minchinton was Professor of Economic History at the University of Exeter, UK.

    Review of the original edition of The Growth of English Overseas Trade:

    ‘…the student will not lack material…on which to flex his intellectual muscles.’ G. D. Ramsay, The Economic History Review, Vol 23, No. 3.