1st Edition

The Gulf War of 1991 Reconsidered

Edited By Andrew J. Bacevich, Efraim Inbar Copyright 2003

    The Gulf War of 1991 Reconsidered subjects one of the formative events of the post-Cold War era and a watershed in Middle Eastern international politics to a comprehensive reassessment. Condidering events from Arab, Israeli and American view points, the book examines the Gulf War's historical origins, conduct and legacy.

    Part 1: Prelude to Desert Storm: Arms Transfers to Iran and Iraq During the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-88 and the Origins of the Gulf War Michael T. Klare  Part 2: The Arab world: The Gulf War as Arab Civil War, F. Gregory Gause; The Arab World - Ten Years after the Gulf War Gabriel Ben-Dor  Part 3: Israel: Israel and the Gulf War, Efraim Inbar; The (non)-Legacy of the 1991 Gulf War - An Israeli Perspective Stuart A. Cohen  Part 4: The United States: A Squandered Opportunity? The Decision to End the Gulf War, Thomas G. Mahnken; "Splendid Little War" - America's Persian Gulf Adventure Ten Years on Andrew J. Bacevich  Part 5: A Retrospective: The Middle East and the Gulf War - A Decade Later Efraim Karsh


    Andrew J. Bacevich, Efraim Inbar

    'Contributors, including scholars of political science, international relations, and military strategy, place the Gulf crisis of 1990-1992 in histoircal perspective, from the points of view of the Arabs, Israelis, and Americans.' - Book News