2nd Edition

The Handbook of Attitudes, Volume 1: Basic Principles 2nd Edition

Edited By Dolores Albarracin, Blair T. Johnson Copyright 2019
    678 Pages
    by Routledge

    678 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Attitudes are evaluations of people, places, things, and ideas. They help us to navigate through a complex world. They provide guidance for decisions about which products to buy, how to travel to work, or where to go on vacation. They color our perceptions of others. Carefully crafted interventions can change attitudes and behavior. Yet, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior are often formed and changed in casual social exchanges. The mere perception that other people favor something, say, rich people, may be sufficient to make another person favor it. People’s own actions also influence their attitudes, such that they adjust to be more supportive of the actions. People’s belief systems even change to align with and support their preferences, which at its extreme is a form of denial for which people lack awareness.

    These two volumes provide authoritative, critical surveys of theory and research about attitudes, beliefs, persuasion, and behavior from key authors in these areas. The first volume covers theoretical notions about attitudes, the beliefs and behaviors to which they are linked, and the degree to which they are held outside of awareness. It also discusses motivational and cultural determinants of attitudes, influences of attitudes on behavior, and communication and persuasion. The second volume covers applications to measurement, behavior prediction, and interventions in the areas of cancer, HIV, substance use, diet, and exercise, as well as in politics, intergroup relations, aggression, migrations, advertising, accounting, education, and the environment.

    I: Overview and Methods The Psychology of Attitudes, Motivation, and Persuasion, Dolores Albarracín, Aashna Sunderrajan, Sophie Lohmann, Sally Chang, & Duo Jiang. Attitude Measurement and Methodology, Jon Krosnick, Chick Judd, & Bernd Wittenbrink. II: Organization and Influence of Attitudes The Origins and Structure of Attitudes, Leandre R. Fabrigar, Tara K. MacDonald, & Duane T. Wegener. Attitudes and the Implicit-Explicit Dualism, Bertram Gawronski & Skylar M. Brannon. The Influence of Attitudes on Behavior, Icek Ajzen, Marin Fishbein, Sophie Lohmann, & Dolores Albarracín. III: Influences on Attitudes: Psychological Processes The Influence of Affect on Attitude, Gerard Clore & Simone Schnall. Cognitive and Metacognitive Processes in Attitude Formation and Change, Duane T. Wegener, Jason K. Clark, & Richard E. Petty. Some Determinants and Consequences of Beliefs: Cognitive, Social and Motivational, Robert S. Wyer, Jr. Motivational Influences on Attitudes, Alison (Ali) Earl and Michael P. Hall. The Influence of Behavior on Attitudes, Eddie Harmon Jones, Joel Armstrong, James (Jim) M. Olson. Embodied Cognition and the Construction of Attitudes, Norbert (Norb) Schwarz & Spike W. S. Lee. Social cognitive neuroscience of attitudes and beliefs, Philip R. Corlett & Natasza Marrouch. The Impact of Individual Differences on Attitudes and Attitude Change, Pablo Briñol & Richard Petty. Communication-Induced Persuasion or Resistance: Processes and Effects of Who Says What to Whom, Blair T. Johnson, Lukas Wolf, Gregory Maio, Aaron Smith-McLallen. Culture and Attitude Theorizing: Attitudes in Western and non-Western Contexts, Sharon Shavitt. IV: Summation Attitude Scholarship in the 21st Century: Accomplishments, Challenges, and Gaps, Blair T. Johnson, Asheley Landrum.


    Dolores Albarracín is Professor of Psychology and Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a prolific, award-winning expert in the study of attitudes, communication, and behaviour.

    Blair T. Johnson is Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor in the University of Connecticut’s Department of Psychological Sciences. He is an award-winning scholar in the areas of attitudes, social influence, health, and research methods.