1st Edition

The Handbook of Clinical Intervention with Young People who Sexually Abuse

    472 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    470 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The Handbook of Clinical Interventions with Young People who Sexually Abuse provides authoritative, critical and up-to-date reviews of the growing body of empirical and theoretical knowledge in this field and clearly demonstrates how this knowledge can be used to guide and develop evidence-based practice for assessment and treatment. Key features include:

    * essentials of effective treatment programmes
    * relapse prevention
    * adolescents with intellectual disabilities and female offenders
    * work with families of young people who sexually abuse.

    Practical guidelines from acknowledged international experts with extensive experience of research and clinical practice will be invaluable to all those working with young people who engage in sexually abusive behaviour.

    Part I: Foundations for Practice. Sharon K. Araji, Preadolescents and Adolescents: Evaluating Normative and Non-normative Sexual Behaviours and Development. Gary O' Reilly, Alan Carr, A Review of Theoretical Models of Sexual Offending. Kevin Epps, Dawn Fisher, A Review of the Research Literature on Young People who Sexually Abuse. Yvonne Duane, Tony Morrison, Families of Young People Who Sexually Abuse: Characteristics, Context and Considerations. Declan Sheerin, Psychiatric Disorder and Adolescent Sexual Offending. Part II: Assessment. Gary O' Reilly, Alan Carr, The Clinical Assessment of Young People with Sexually Abusive Behaviour. Judith V. Becker, Cathi Harris, The Psychophysiological Assessment of Juvenile Offenders. Raymond A. Knight, Comparisons between Juvenile and Adult Sexual Offenders on the Multidimensional Assessment of Sex and Aggression. Part III: Intervention. Bobbie Print, David O'Callaghan, Essentials of an Effective Treatment Programme for Sexually Abusive Adolescents: Offence Specific Treatment Tasks. James R. Worling, Essentials of a Good Intervention Programme for Sexually Abusive Juveniles: Offence Related Treatment Tasks. John Hunter, Robert E. Longo, Relapse Prevention with Juvenile Sexual Abusers: A Holistic and Integrated Approach. Jerry Thomas, Family Intervention with Young People with Sexually Abusive Behaviour. Part IV: Special Client Groups. David O'Callaghan, Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities who Sexually Harm: Intervention Design and Implementation. Nancy Halstenson Bumby, & Kurt M. Bumby, Bridging the Gender Gap: Addressing Juvenile Females who Commit Sexual Offences. Part V: Systemic Issues. Tony Morrison, Preparing Services and Staff to Work with Young People who Sexually Abuse: Context, Mandate, Pitfalls and Frameworks. Ruud Bullens, A.Ph. Van Wijk, European Perspectives on Juveniles who Sexually Abuse. Calvin M. Langton, Howard E. Barbaree, Ethical and Methodological Issues in Evaluation Research with Juvenile Sexual Abusers. William L. Marshall, Yolanda M. Fernandez, Chapter Treatment Outcome with Juvenile Sexual Offenders.


    Gary O'Reilly, William L. Marshall, Alan Carr, Richard C. Beckett

    'The book provides a first-class overview of the field of working with young people who sexually abuse... As such it is highly recommended' Mark Farmer, Journal of Sexual Aggression