2nd Edition

The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business

Edited By Costas Grammenos Copyright 2010
    1096 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

    This book is the founding title in the Grammenos Library. The diversity of the subjects covered is unique and the results of research developed over many years are not only comprehensive, but also have important implications on real life issues in maritime business. The new edition covers a vast number of topics, including: • Shipping Economics and Maritime Nexus • International Seaborne Trade • Economics of Shipping Market and Shipping Cycles • Economics of Shipping Sectors • Issues in Liner Shipping • Economics of Maritime Safety and Seafaring Labour Market • National and International Shipping Policies • Aspects of Shipping Management and Operations• Shipping Investment and Finance • Port Economics and Management • Aspects of International Logistics

    Part One: Shipping Economics and Maritime Nexus Chapter 1. Maritime Business During the Twentieth Century: Continuity and Change GELINA HARLAFTIS & IOANNIS THEOTOKAS Chapter 2. Globalisation – The Maritime Nexus JAN HOFFMANN & SHASHI KUMAR Part Two: International Seaborne Trade Chapter 3. Patterns of International Ocean Trade DOUGLAS K. FLEMING Chapter 4. International Trade in Manufactured Goods MARY R. BROOKS Chapter 5. Energy Economics and Trade MICHAEL TAMVAKIS Chapter 6. Modal Split Functions for Simulating Decisions on Shifting Cargo from Road to Sea MANFRED ZACHCIAL Part Three: Economics of Shipping Markets and Shipping Cycles Chapter 7. The Economic of Shipping Freight Markets PATRICK M. ALDERTON & MERV ROWLINSON Chapter 8. Economics of the Markets for Ships SIRI PETTERSEN STRANDENES Chapter 9. Shipping Market Cycles MARTIN STOPFORD Chapter 10. Recreating the Profit and Loss Account of Voyages of the Distant Past ANDREAS VERGOTTIS, WILLIAM HOMAN-RUSSELL, GORDON HUI & MICHALIS VOUTSINAS Part Four: Economics of Shipping Sectors Chapter 11. An Overview of the Dry Bulk Shipping Industry AMIR H. ALIZADEH & NIKOS K. NOMIKOS Chapter 12. The Tanker Market: Current Structure and Economic Analysis DAVID GLEN & STEVE CHRISTY Chapter 13. Economics of Short Sea Shipping ENRICO MUSSO, ANA CRISTINA PAIXÃO CASACA & ANA RITA LYNCE Part Five: Issues in Liner Shipping Chapter 14 Competition and Cooperation in Liner Shipping WILLIAM SJOSTROM Chapter 15. The Response of Liner Shipping Companies to the Evolution of Global Supply Chain Management TREVOR D. HEAVER Part Six: Pollution and Vessel Safety Chapter 16 Using Economic Measures for Global Control of Air Pollution from Ships SHUO MA Chapter 17. Vessel Safety and Accident Analysis WAYNE K. TALLEY Part Seven: National and International Shipping Policies Chapter 18. Shipping Policy and Globalisation; Jurisdictions, Governance and Failure MICHAEL ROE Chapter 19. Government Policies and the Shipbuilding Industry JOON SOO JON Part Eight: Aspects of Shipping Management and Operations Chapter 20. The Impact of Choice of Flag on Ship Management KYRIAKI MITROUSSI & PETER MARLOW Chapter 21. Fleet Operations Optimisation and Fleet Deployment – An Update ANASTASSIOS N. PERAKIS Chapter 22. Measuring Business Performance in Shipping PHOTIS M. PANAYIDES, STEPHEN X. H. GONG & NEOPHYTOS LAMBERTIDES Chapter 24. Valuing Maritime Investments with Real Options: The Right Course to Chart HELEN BENDALL Chapter 25. Business Risk Measurement and Management in the Cargo Carrying Sector of the Shipping Industry – An Update MANOLIS G. KAVUSSANOS Chapter 26. Managing Freight Rate Risk using Freight Derivatives: An Overview of the Empirical Evidence AMIR H. ALIZADEH & NIKOS K. NOMIKOS Chapter 27. Revisiting Credit Risk, Analysis and Policy in Bank Shipping Finance COSTAS TH. GRAMMENOS Chapter 28. Shipping Finance and International Capital Markets THEODORE C. SYRIOPOULOS Chapter 29. Framing a Canvas for Shipping Strategy KURT J. VERMEULEN Part Ten: Port Economics and Management Chapter 30. Port Management, Operation and Competition: A Focus on North Europe HILDE MEERSMAN & EDDY VAN DE VOORDE Chapter 31. Revisiting the Productivity and Efficiency of Ports and Terminals: Methods and Applications KEVIN CULLINANE Chapter 32. Organisational Change and Effectiveness in Seaports from a Systems Viewpoint CIMEN KARATAS CETIN & A. GÜLDEM CERIT Chapter 33. The Economics of Motorways of the Sea: Re-defining Maritime Transport Infrastructure ALFRED J. BAIRD Part Eleven: Aspects of International Logistics Chapter 34. International Logistics Strategy and Modal Choice KUNIO MIYASHITA Chapter 35. IT in Logistics and Maritime Business ULLA TAPANINEN, LAURI OJALA & DAVID MENACHOF


    Costas Th. Grammenos, CBE, BA (Athens), MSc (Bangor), DSc (City), FCIB, Hon FIMarEST, FRSA is Professor of Shipping, Trade and Finance; Pro Vice-Chancellor of City University London and Deputy Dean of its Cass Business School, where he founded the Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance in 1983 (renamed The Costas Grammenos International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance in April 2007).