1st Edition

The Handbook of Separation and Divorce

By Wendy Mantle Copyright 1996
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    There are few people whose lives are unaffected by marriage breakdown. Yet how many are well informed about the divorce process and/or appreciate the wide powers the court has to redistribute property and income after divorce? Those who act without the benefit of specialist legal advice can risk impoverishing themselves and their families by accepting less than the court may award them or offering more than the court would order them to give.
    The Handbook of Separation and Divorce is principally concerned with the financial consequences of marriage breakdown in England and Wales. It suggests what should be done when a marriage is in difficulty and ensures that advice is obtained from a solicitor who is a specialist. It recognises that everyone who separates or divorces will be the poorer and recommends that where appropriate those who can face mediation should undertake it while at the same time ensuring they can get independent legal advice.
    The Handbook of Separation and Divorce will be essential reading for social workers and health professionals as well as the general reader and those going through, or considering, divorce or separation.

    Introduction 1. Is your Divorce really necessary? 2. First Steps 3. Paying for Legal Advice and Representation 4. Separation 5. Emergency Remedies 6. The Divorce Process 7. Financial Applications 8. Insolvency 9. Housing and Property 10. Benefits for Divorced and Separated People 11. Maintenance of Children 12. Pensions and Insurance 13. Foreign Element 14. Mediation 15. The Mechanics 16. Death and Taxes 17. Enforcement of Court Orders Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Appendix 4 Appendix 5 Appendix 6


    Wendy Mantle is a solicitor specialising in family law. she is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association and a mediator with the Family Mediators Association.

    'For those clients who would like to know more about divorce, or for trainee lawyers, this is a very useful book.' - Association of Lawyers for Children Newsletter