1st Edition

The Handbook of Trace Elements

By Istvan Pais, J. Benton Jones, Jr. Copyright 1997
    240 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Compiled by two of the world’s experts in the field, The Handbook of Trace Elements brings together into a single source a complete listing of the trace elements found in both naturally occurring and manmade substances in the environment. The book provides a thorough description by element for 41 trace elements, transition metals, and micronutrients found in Earth's crust, soil, water, plants, animals, and humans. Elucidating the ecological impact of industrial waste and health problems in animals and humans, this widely accessible resource continues to provide a reliable reference for researchers, scientists, and other professionals engaged in the study of trace elements.

    Geographical Content and Distribution
    Lithosphere and Soil
    Forms of the Trace Elements
    The Oceans
    Fresh Water
    Drinking Water
    Irrigation Water
    Livestock Water Quality
    Biological Classification and Function
    Plant Physiology
    Animal and Human Physiology
    Food/Feed and Food Products
    Literature Cited
    Trace Elements-Characteristics by Element
    Aluminum (Al)
    Antimony (Sb)
    Arsenic (As)
    Barium (Ba)
    Beryllium (Be)
    Bismuth (Bi)
    Boron (B)
    Cadmium (Cd)
    Cesium (Cs)
    Chromium (Cr)
    Cobalt (Co)
    Copper (Cu)
    Fluorine (F)
    Gallium (Ga)
    Germanium (Gr)
    Gold (Au)
    Hafnium (Hf)
    Indium (In)
    Iodine (I)
    Iron (Fe)
    Lead (Pb)
    Lithium (Li)
    Manganese (Mn)
    Mercury (Hg)
    Molybdenum (Mo)
    Nickel (Ni)
    Niobium (Nb)
    Platinum (Pt)
    Rubidium (Rb)
    Selenium (Se)
    Silicon (Si)
    Silver (Ag)
    Strontium (Sr)
    Thallium (Tl)
    Tin (Sn)
    Titanium (Ti)
    Tungsten (W)
    Uranium (U)
    Vanadium (V)
    Zinc (Zn)
    Zirconium (Zr)
    The Rare Earth Elements
    Plant Micronutrients
    Soil Testing for the Micronutrients
    Analytical Procedures for Trace Element Determinations


    Pais\, Istvan; Jones\, Jr.\, J. Benton