1st Edition

The Headache Handbook Diagnosis and Treatment

By Gary W. Jay Copyright 1998

    The Headache Handbook: Diagnosis and Treatment helps both generalist and specialist clinicians, including family practitioners, chiropractors, and neurologists, to understand headache, possibly the most ubiquitous symptom in medicine. This comprehensive work covers the myriad of differences among headache patients and the need for accurate fact gathering and physical and neurological examinations. Topics include anatomy and physiology of headache; evaluation and treatment of various headache types; interventional procedures; and manual medicine consultations.

    Anatomy and Physiology of Headache
    General Thoughts on the Mechanisms of Headache
    Migraine Headache
    Cluster Headache
    Tension-Type Headache: Clinical and Pathophysiological Aspects
    Evaluation and Treatment of Tension-Type Headache
    Combination Headache
    Psychological Aspects of Headache
    Post-Traumatic Headache
    Orofacial Pain
    Organic Causes of Headache
    The Interdisciplinary Treatment of Headache
    Nerve Blocks and Other Interventional Procedures
    "Cervicogenic Headache," an Introduction, and Manual Medicine


    Gary W. Jay