1st Edition

The High Cost of Low Morale...and what to do about it

By Carol Hacker Copyright 1997
    276 Pages
    by CRC Press

    280 Pages
    by CRC Press

    While the morale of an organization is an intangible element composed of feelings and attitudes of individuals and groups, the effects of morale include tangible and extremely important factors such as profits, efficiency, quality, and productivity. Low morale and its costliest indicator, high turnover, can be a tremendous drain on a company's finances. Managers often view morale as mysterious and unpredictable, when in fact it is a measurable, controllable expense. The High Cost of Low Morale explores the underlying causes of low morale and offers you field-proven, practical methods for increasing morale and reducing turnover in your organization.

    Pin the Tail on the Donkey (Make Good Hiring Decisions)
    Plan for Retention
    Forecast Staffing Needs
    Develop Recruitment Sources
    Know What You're Looking For
    Become A Skilled Interviewer
    Measure Against Job Requirements
    Look For Versatility
    Be Sure They're Willing As Well As Able
    Test Them
    Hold Auditions
    Make Commitment Possible
    Start With Quality Employees
    Be Selective
    Seek People-Oriented Leaders
    Hire People Who Are Better Than You
    Try Team Interviewing
    Troubleshoot Recruitment Problems
    Avoid the "Mirror Test"
    Consider Internal Candidates
    Hire for Today's Generation
    Check References
    Make Sound Hiring Decisions
    Up Your Attitude (A Good Attitude = High Morale)
    Enjoy What You Do
    Don't Waste Time On Negative Thoughts
    Find Ways To Learn New Things
    Demonstrate The Work Ethic You Expect
    Start Each Day With A Positive Thought
    Helping Others Helps Yourself
    Set Your Mental Barometer
    Even When You Don't Feel Like It
    Find A Release
    Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry
    Find Your Creative Attitude
    Make It Easy On Yourself
    Live By A Personal Mission Statement
    Stay Physically And Mentally Fit
    Don't Take Life Too Seriously
    Set Goals
    Associate With Positive People
    Talk To Yourself
    Why Not You?
    Once Upon A Time
    Reward Yourself
    Pygmalion's Fair Lady (The Power of Expectation)
    Remember Clementine
    Start With Number One
    "Give Me No Choice"
    There's More Than One Way …
    Recognize The Family
    Structure Positive Situations
    It's All In Your Mind
    Do What Failures Are Afraid To Do
    Dream Impossible Dreams
    Make Them Feel Special
    Recognize Assets
    Keep Them On Your Radar Screen
    Offer Approval And Acceptance
    Lift Self-Imposed Limitations
    Take The Bull By The Horns
    Have A Game Plan
    On My Honor …
    Nothing Happens 'Til Somebody Sells
    Get Out Of The Way
    And They Wiped Their Minds Clear
    Ma Bell Did It (Communicate)
    "Mission Possible"
    Think It Over …
    Give Criticism In The Helping Spirit
    Make Learning Easy
    Stay "Checked In"
    Share The Vision
    Try Toastmasters
    Be Accessible
    Give Everyone A Say
    Speak From The Heart
    Make Them Decision Makers
    Clarify Expectations
    Keep Them Informed
    Encourage Feedback
    Explain The "Why"
    Build The Listening Habit
    Use Humor To Get Your Message Across
    Consider A Survey
    Use Performance Appraisals As Communication Tools
    Take Inventory
    Try "Rolestorming"
    Why So You See It That Way?
    Hear What Employees Are Not Saying
    Don't Discourage Small Talk
    Ch-Ch-Ch-Change (Take Charge Of Change)
    Offer "Inplacement"
    Ask For Advice
    Take Care Of The "Me" Issues
    Get Resistance To Change Out In The Open
    Little Things Make A Difference
    Validate the Positive Results Of Change
    Delegate - Especially During Change
    Get Buy-In
    Plan For The Change Reaction
    Think Like "One" Company
    Beat The Downside Of Downsizing
    Anticipate Highs And Lows
    Acceptance Is A Four-Stage Process
    Give Them Time
    Reinvest In Employees
    Change Comes In Familiar Packages
    Get 'Em Psyched (Build Fun Into Your Organization)
    Consider An R&R Fund
    Learn To Have Fun
    Show Appreciation
    Give Us This Day
    Provide Education As An Incentive
    Reward Them When They Least Expect It
    Get Casual
    Make Safety Count
    Host A Gag Nite
    Offer Them "Hidden Paychecks"
    Name Your Customer
    Count On Retirees
    Modify The Nature Of The Work
    Be There To Greet Them
    The 1212 Club
    Do Something Extra To Reward Dedication
    Consider Sabbatical Leave
    One Million Dollars For Your Thoughts
    It's In The Cards
    Create Olympic Performance Events
    The Leader Of The Band
    Help Them Regain The Spirit
    Give Them Ownership
    Who's On First (Is it Leadership Or Is It Management)
    Offer Small Rewards
    Be A Coach, Not A Cop
    Be Flexible
    Learn From The Past
    Reward Risk-Taking
    Don't Be A Pretender
    Rechart Career Paths
    Teach Them The Business
    No Matter How Good The Product …
    Don't Leave Them Behind
    Develop Tomorrow's Leaders
    Be Sure They Get What They Need
    20/20 Vision
    Make It Informal But Meaningful
    Link Training To Corporate Initiatives
    If You Were Expecting A Package …
    Consider A Mentor Program
    Show Them How
    Value Employees From Day One
    "Leadership 2000"
    Environment Makes The Difference
    Don't View Training As An Expense
    Consider Apprenticeships
    Appendix A
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    Carol A. Hacker (Author)

    "Carol's book is an invaluable tool that offers numerous powerful ideas for reducing turnover and keeping employees feeling good about putting forth their best efforts."
    -Fran Tarkenton
    "The prevailing culture among business leaders throughout the world today is one of acceptance; acceptance that employees will be disinterested, disconnected and (eventually) disowned. Carol Hacker stands at the gate and says 'no'. She believes (correctly) that morale 'counts' and that investing in people has far reaching and significant implications."
    -Allen J. DeNiro, Corporate V.P. Human Resources, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
    "Looking for a practical, down-to-earth guide to being a better manager? Read it! Want to be a leader everyone works hard for? Live it!"
    -Joan Lloyd, Author, Syndicated Columnist, "Joan Lloyd at Work"
    Every company and industry that I am aware of today is faced with the challenge of achieving competitive advantage through the people in the organization at a time when employment insecurity and apathy are at an all time high. This no-nonsense, easy-to-read book is filled with great ideas for anyone who manages people. Carol Hacker truly understands what it takes to reduce the high cost of low morale as she has experienced many of the challenges facing business leaders today and she shares these with her readers."
    -David W. Conell, Dean, Southern Company College