1st Edition

The Highly Hypnotizable Person Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Issues

Edited By Michael Heap, Richard J. Brown, David A. Oakley Copyright 2005

    It is commonly known that some individuals are more easily hypnotized than others. What is less clear is why, and what can be learnt from these individual differences for hypnosis as a whole. The Highly Hypnotizable Person is the first book to present an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of what research and evidence there is for the existence and features of highly hypnotisable people.

    The Highly Hypnotizable Person draws on research findings from cognitive, developmental and clinical psychology and from neuropsychology and neurophysiology. Leading authorities on hypnosis provide a comprehensive account of what is known and understood about this phenomenon and treatment procedure, and in particular, the nature and implications of high susceptibility.

    Introduction. Michael Heap, Richard J. Brown, David A. Oakley, High Hypnotizability: Key Issues. Amanda J. Barnier, Kevin M. McConkey, Defining and Identifying the Highly Hypnotizable Person. Kevin M. McConkey, Amanda J. Barnier, High Hypnotizability: Unity and Diversity in Behaviour and Experience. Graham F. Wagstaff, High Hypnotizability in a Sociocognitive Framework. Judith Rhue, Developmental Determinants of High Hypnotizability. James E. Horton, Helen J. Crawford, Neurophysiological and Genetic Determinants of High Hypnotizability. Richard J. Brown, David A. Oakley, An Integrative Cognitive Theory of Hypnosis and High Hypnotizability. Steven Jay Lynn, Eric Meyer, Kelley Shindler, Clinical Correlates of High Hypnotizability. Donald R. Gorassini, Enhancing Hypnotizability. Graham Turpin, High Hypnotizability: Relevance and Utility to Cognitive and Clinical Psychology?


    Richard J. Brown, Michael Heap, David A. Oakley.

    I am very impressed by this book...it serves as an excellent, up-to-date review of the literature, and also offers some new theoretical perspectives. - From the final review of the manuscript