1st Edition

The Historian in Tropical Africa Studies Presented and Discussed at the Fourth International African Seminar at the University of Dakar, Senegal 1961

Edited By Jan Vansina, R. Mauny, L. V. Thomas Copyright 1964
    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1964 these papers discuss the recovery and critical interpretation of oral traditions and written documents, problems of dating and analysis of material from archaeological sites, the use of linguistic evidence, and methods of historical reconstruction concerning techniques, art styles and changes in social organization. Consideration is also given to wider problems concerning the pre-colonial history of certain parts of Africa. Attitudes towards the study and understanding of various aspects of historical develoment both among scholars and the public are also reviewed.

    A. The Techniques of the Historian In Africa

    B. The Historian Faced with Modern Africa

    C. Particular Aspects

    D. Some Elements of Regional History in Africa

    Part 2: Special Studies 1. Ethno-history of the Empire of Mutapa D. P. Abraham

    2. The Use of Linguistic and Ethnographic Data in the Study of Idoma and Yoruba History R. G Armstrong

    3. The Historical Uses of Comparative Ethnography with Special Reference to Benin and the Yoruba R. E. Bradbury

    4. Traditions orales au Gabon H. Deschamps

    6. The Mande and the Akan Hinterland J. Goody

    7. Mythes et idéologies dans le Rwanda anciet et contemporain M. d'Hertefelt

    8. Contibution à l'étude de l'histoire de la région tchadienne et considérations sur la méthode J-P Lebeuf 

    9. Les 'fossiles directeurs' en archéologie ouest africaine R. Mauny

    10. Historical Evidence in Ga Religious Music J. H. K Nketia

    11. Kingship and Statelessness Among the Nilotes B. E. Ogot

    12. Reflections on the sources of Evidence for the Pre-Colonial History of East Africa R. A. Oliver

    13. En quête d'une chronologie ivoirienne M. Y. Person

    14. The Beginnings of Hausa Society, A. D. 1000-1500 M. G. Smith

    15. De quelques attitudes africaines en matèire d'histoire locale

    16. The Use of Process Models in African History J. Vansina

    17. The Growth of the Akwapim State: A Study in the Control of Evidence I. Wilks


    J. Vansina, R. Mauny, L. V. Thomas