1st Edition

The History Of The Sudan From The Coming Of Islam To The Present Day

By P. M. Holt, M. W. Daly Copyright 1980
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume provides an updated history of Sudan from the first contacts between the Muslim Arabs and the Christian Nubians to the invasion by the forces of Muhammad 'Ali Pasha. It includes information on the period before Turko-Egyptian invasion especially concerning the coming of Islam.

    Preface to the First Edition -- Introduction: The Land and the People -- Before the Turco-Egyptian Conquest -- The Eastern Bilad Al-Sudan in the Middle Ages -- The Eastern Bilad Al-Sudan from the Early Sixteenth to the Early Nineteenth Century -- The Turco - Egyptian Period 1820-81 -- The Inauguration of the Turco - Egyptian Regime 1820-25 -- Settlement and Stagnation 1825-62 -- The Era of Khedive Isma'il 1863-81 -- The Mahdist State 1881-98 -- The Mahdist Revolution 1881-85 -- The Reign of the Khalifa 'Abdallahi: 1885-98 -- The Anglo-Egyptian Condominium 1899-1955 -- Pacification and Consolidation 1899-1913 -- War and Revolt: 1914-24 -- A Period of Reaction 1925-36 -- The Development of Sudanese Nationalism: 1937-52 -- Self-Government and Self-Determination: 1953-6 -- The Independent Sudan -- The First Parliamentary and Military Regimes: 1956-64 -- The Transitional Government and the Second Parliamentary Regime: 1964-9 -- The Regime of Jaafar Nimeiri1 -- Appendix


    P.M. Holt, M.W. Daly