1st Edition

The History of Banking I, 1650-1850 Vol I

By Forrest H Capie Copyright 1994
    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    This edition brings together the most important English language tracts and pamphlets and other material on the origins and development of private banking, joint stock banking, central banking and other important related questions.

    VOLUME I General Introduction Money: Preface, Introduction: The Evolution of Modern Banking in Britain, 1650-1850, Bibliography 1. 1676 Mystery of the New Fashioned Goldsmiths or Banken 2. 1694 Discourse on the Late Funds of the Million-Act, Lottery Act, and Bank of England 3. 1701 Villainy of Stock-Jobbers Detected 4. 1705 Money and Trade Considered 5. 1724 Act for continuing the several Annuities 6. 1727 Signature for the Bank of Scotland 7. 1774 Observations upon the Present State of our Gold and Silver Coins 8. 1752 Banks and Paper-Money 9. 1755 Essay on Paper-Money and Banking 10. 1775 Act to restrain the Negotiation of Promissory Notes and Inland Bills of Exchange under a limited sum 11. 1805 Treatise on Coins of the Realm 12. 1809 Three Letters on the Price of Gold 13. 1838 Errors with respect to Currency and Banking


    Forrest H Capie