1st Edition

The History of Chinese Phonology Volume 1

By WANG Li Copyright 2024
    454 Pages 63 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    As the first volume of a two-volume set on the history of Chinese phonology, this book introduces the basics of the discipline and charts the history of phonology from the pre-Qin period to the Song dynasty.

    Based on abundant phonological materials, the author divides the history of Chinese phonology into nine historical periods, which helps illuminate its evolutions and principles. The first part of the book explains the fundamental concepts of the history and studies of Chinese phonology, including the rhyme dictionary, the rhyme table, dialect, and methodology, as well as fanqie, rhyme sets, division, and articulation. The second part discusses Chinese phonology across the first six periods, from the pre-Qin era (before 206 BCE) to the Song dynasty (960–1279), elucidating the phonological development and characteristics in terms of initials, rhyme groups, and tones.

    This title will be of great value for scholars and students studying Chinese phonology, Chinese linguistics, and readers interested in the essence of rhyming behind classic Chinese lyrics, poetry, drama, and other forms of verse.

    Part I: Introduction  1. Rhyme Dictionary  2. Rhyme Table  3. Dialect  4. Methodology  Part II: Chinese Phonology across Historical Periods (I)  5.Phonology of Pre-Qin Period (–B.C. 206)  6. Phonology of Han Dynasty (B.C. 206–A.D. 220)  7. Phonology of Wei–Jin, Southern & Northern Dynasties Period (220–581)  8. Phonology of Sui–Middle Tang Dynasties Period (581–836)  9. Phonology of the Late Tang–Five Dynasties Period (836–960)  10. Chinese Phonology of Song Dynasty (960–1279)


    WANG Li (1900–1986) has been widely recognized as one of the founders of modern linguistics in China. He led extensive research on Chinese linguistics, covering areas such as phonetics, phonology, grammar, lexicography, historical linguistics, and dialectal studies.