1st Edition

The History of Museums Vol 8

Edited By Susan M. Pearce, Henry W. Acland, John Ruskin Copyright 1997

    Museums and collecting is now a major area of cultural studies. This selected group of key texts opens the investigation and appreciation of museum history. Edward Edwards, chief pioneer of municipal public libraries, chronicles the founders and early donors to the British Museum. Greenwood and Murray provide informative pictures of the early history of the museum movement. Sir William Flower, Director of the British Museum (Natural History), takes a pioneering philosophical approach to the sphere of natural history in relation to museums. Similarly, Acland and Ruskin discuss and explore the relationships of art and architecture to museums.

    The Oxford Museum, from the original edition of 1859; with additions in 1893 (1893), Prefaces, Remarks Addressed to a Meeting of Architectural Societies at Oxford Dr Acland 1858, Letter from Mr Ruskin No1, Letter from Mt Ruskin No 2, Letter from Professor Phillips, Notes.


    Susan M. Pearce, University of Leicester. Authors Henry W. Acland, John Ruskin