1st Edition

The History of the Mongol Conquests

By J. J. Saunders Copyright 1971

    First Published in 1971 The History of the Mongol Conquests presents a general history of the Mongols of the thirteenth century. By using primary and secondary sources, J. J. Saunders fills up a major gap in the English historical literature on the subject. It goes without saying that the Mongol conquests of the thirteenth century turned the world upside down. The book opens with a chapter on Eurasian nomadism and an account of the Turkish conquests, seven centuries before those of the Mongols. The author deals fully with Chingis Khan and his achievements both as a soldier and as an administrator and goes on to describe the Mongol drive into the Europe and the Christian response to it. Mongol rule in China and Persia and their dominance in Russia are also covered. Rich in archival sources, this book is a must read for scholars and researchers of Asian and Central Asian history.

    Glossary A note on chronology A note on transliteration Genealogical tables Preface 1. Eurasian nomadism 2. The Turkish rehearsal for the Mongol conquests 3. From Turk to Mongol 750-1200 4. Chingis Khan 5. The Mongol drive to Europe 6. The Christian response 7. Nomad imperialism: Mongol rule in China and Persia 8. The anti-Mongol reaction 9. Kipchak and Chagatai 10. The Mongol age in retrospect Appendix I Appendix II Abbreviations Notes Bibliography Index


    J. J. Saunders