1st Edition

The History of the Study of Landforms (3 Vols) Routledge Revivals Or the Development of Geomorphology

    2100 Pages
    by Routledge

    This Routledge Revivals set makes available for the first time as a collection the first three volumes of The History of the Study of Landforms or the Development of Geomorphology, the groundbreaking and definitive study in geomorphology compiled by Richard J. Chorley, Robert P. Beckinsale and Antony J. Dunn.

    Volume 1 (1964) dealt with contributions to the field up to 1890. Volume 2 (1973) dealt with the concepts and seminal contributions of William Morris Davis and Volume 3 (1991) treats historical and regional themes during the 'classic' period of geomorphology, between 1890 and 1950.

    Volume 1: Geomorphology Before Davis (978-0-415-55278-3) Volume 2: The Life and Work of William Morris Davis (978-0-416-26890-4)  Volume 3: Historical and Regional Geomorphology: 1890-1950 (978-0-415-05626-7)