1st Edition

The Horned God (RLE Feminist Theory) Feminism and Men as Wounding and Healing

By John Rowan Copyright 1987
    155 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    This original and pioneering study of how men relate to feminism will appeal to all men who are concerned about their response to the women’s movement and to the women in their lives. It will also be helpful for women seeking a constructive response from men. John Rowan, drawing on his personal journey through feminism and on his considerable experience as a therapist, tackles the issues in a much deeper way than has been attempted before.

    For men to discover feminism is wounding for them. It can even make them despair about being men at all. But unless they accept that wound, nothing much will change. John Rowan shows that men have to heal that wound at a conscious social-political level, changing laws, practice and daily behaviour. They have to heal it at an unconscious level, through therapy, exploring their profound feelings about their mothers, their fathers and their own internal female nature. They also have to heal the wound at a spiritual-transpersonal level, exploring the world of the Goddess and the Horned God. Only then, says, John Rowan, can they start to have any real dialogue with women, and only then can the world begin to change for both men and women.

    Introduction.  1. The Wound: Patriarchy.  Patriarchal Values  2. First channel of healing: men’s groups.  Minzies and Frongs.  Freedom  3. Second channel of healing: Unconscious raising.  Models of therapy.  Red therapy.  The healthy male ego.  Psychic celibacy  4. Penis and power: Commitments.  The good penis  5. Androgyny: Yin and Yang.  Masculine and feminine  6. Third channel of healing: 1: The Great Goddess  7. Third channel of healing: 2: The Horned God.  Archetypes.  Some implications  8. Context: Whitmont.  Hillman.  Bly.  Stewart  9. Practice: Initiation.  A ritual of wounding and healing.  Despair and empowerment.  Wrestling with the Horned God  10. A Way Forward: Male and female.  Hieros gamos.  A way forward.  Bibliography.  Index.


    John Rowan