1st Edition

The Hospitallers, the Mediterranean and Europe Festschrift for Anthony Luttrell

Edited By Karl Borchardt, Nikolas Jaspert Copyright 2007

    Modern study of the Hospitallers, of other military-religious orders, and of their activities both in the Mediterranean and in Europe has been deeply influenced by the work of Anthony Luttrell. To mark his 75th birthday in October 2007 twenty-three colleagues from ten different countries have contributed to this volume. The first section focuses on the crusading period in the Holy Land, considering the Hospital in Jerusalem, relations with the Assassins, finances, indulgences, transportation and the careers of the brothers and knights. The second and third sections move to the later Middle Ages, when the Hospitallers had their centre on Rhodes, and military and charitable activities in the East had to be supported with men and money from the West. The papers in the second section consider the Hospitallers on Rhodes, relations between Rhodes and the West and plans for crusades, while the third section includes papers on the Hospitallers in the Iberian Peninsula and in Hungary, the territorial administration of the Order of Montesa in Valencia, a plan to transfer the headquarters of the Teutonic Order from Prussia to Frisia, and a Hospitaller reconsideration of warfare and learning on the eve of the council of Trent. The final paper proposes new definitions and guidelines for future work on the military-religious orders. The authors include both well-known experts and younger scholars who promise to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Luttrell and to continue research into the Hospitallers and their fellow orders, these peculiar European communities avant la lettre.

    Introduction In Honour of Anthony Luttrell; 1: The Crusader Period; Chapter 1: A Note on Jerusalem's B m rist n and Jerusalem's Hospital 1; Chapter 2: The Templars, the Syrian Assassins and King Amalric of Jerusalem; Chapter 3: The Old French William of Tyre, the Templars and the Assassin Envoy; Chapter 4: Caring for the Sick or Dying for the Cross? The Granting of Crusade Indulgences to the Hospitallers; Chapter 5: The Dispute between the Hospitallers and the Bishop of Worcester about the Church of Down Ampney An Unpublished Letter of Justice of Pope John XXI (1276); Chapter 6: Hospitaller Ships and Transportation across the Mediterranean; Chapter 7: A Mediterranean Career in the Late Thirteenth Century: The Hospitaller Grand Commander Boniface of Calamandrana; Chapter 8: Judicial Processes in the Military Orders: The Use of Imprisonment and Chaining; 2: Rhodes and the Latin East; Chapter 9: The Migration of Syrians and Cypriots to Hospitaller Rhodes in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries; Chapter 10: Hospitaller Rhodes: The Epigraphic Evidence; Chapter 11: Historical Memory in an Aegean Monastery: St John of Patmos and the Emirate of Menteshe; Chapter 12: Emmanuele Piloti and Crusading in the Latin East; Chapter 13: The Convent and the West: Visitations in the Order of the Hospital of St John in the Fifteenth Century; Chapter 14: British and Irish Visitors to and Residents in Rhodes, 1409–1522; 3: The Military-Religious Orders in the West; Chapter 15: Scribes and Notaries in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Hospitaller Charters from England; Chapter 16: The Military Activity of the Hospitallers in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary (Thirteenth to Fourteenth Centuries); Chapter 17: The Valencian Bailiwick of Cervera in Hospitaller and Early Montesian Times, ca. 1230–ca, 1330; Chapter 18: La règle de l'ancianitas dans l'ordre de l'Hôpital, le prieuré de Catalogne et la Castellania de Amposta aux XIVe et XVe siècles; Chapter 19: Los Hospitalarios y los últimos reyes de Navarra (1483–1512); Chapter 20: Friesland under the Teutonic Order? A Fantastic Plan from 1517 by Grand Master Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach; Chapter 21: The Hospitaller Castiglione's Catholic Synthesis of Warfare, Learning and Lay Piety on the Eve of the Council of Trent; Chapter 22: Towards a History of Military-Religious Orders 1


    Dr Karl Borchardt is Director of the Stadtarchiv at Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Germany. Dr Nikolas Jaspert is Professor of Later Medieval History at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. Helen J. Nicholson is Professor of Medieval History at Cardiff University, UK.

    ’... a joy to read, highly informative, and an important reminder of how diversified the study of the crusades and the military orders has become.’ Catholic Historical Review