1st Edition

The Hutchinson Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare

Edited By Peter Connolly, John Gillingham, John Lazenby Copyright 1998
    376 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare provides a comprehensive guide to the battles and wars, commanders, tactics, formations, fortifications, and weapons of war in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and Japan from the beginning of recorded history to the 16th century. More than 3,000 entries, written by expert military historians, cover all aspects of warfare from the emergence of the earliest walled cities in the Ancient Near East up to and including the period of European discovery of the New World. The Dictionary is unique, the only work to cover 3,500 years of military history. Expert authors writing in their specialty have created the most comprehensive and accessible reference work ever produced on this subject.

    "What distinguishes this dictionary is the combination of battles and armaments. It is a scholarly work... Its usefulness, however, is not limited to scholars. With its broad geographic and chronological coverage it will serve general readers as well." -- American Reference Books Annual
    "It is unique in its concentration on ancient and medieval warfare, and will be useful in large public and academic libraries with specialized military-history collections." -- Booklist/RBB
    "This subject encyclopedia intends to identify and define battles, wars, heroes, ordinary soldiers, and terms from a cross-cultural perspective from the beginnings of recorded military history to the invention of gunpowder in 1500 CE... Recommended for public, school, and college libraries." -- Choice