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1st Edition

The Hysteresis Machines

By S.C. Bhargava Copyright 2023
    ISBN 9781032406466
    298 Pages
    Published December 9, 2022 by CRC Press

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    This book describes in detail the construction and working principle of a variety of commercially available hysteresis machines. The last part of the book is devoted to a comprehensive study of an experimental hysteresis machine.

    The contents of this part derive entirely from the experimental and analytical work carried out by the author during his doctoral research at the University of Aston in the UK. The exhaustive range of tests and measurements, obtained by the use of uniquely devised transducers and techniques—many of these having been evolved for the first time—showcase numerous aspects of a hysteresis machine. These relate mainly to the measured waveforms of radial and peripheral flux density in the airgap and active part of the rotor as influenced by the hysteretic properties of the rotor material.

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    PART A - Introduction  1. Introduction  PART B - Hysteresis Machines - General  1. The Hysteresis Motor  2. The Hysteresis Coupling  3. The Hysteresis Brake  4. The Hysteresis Clutch  5. The Hysteresis-Reluctance Motor  PART C - Experimental Hysteresis Machine and Analysis  1. General Aspects  2. Tests on the Experimental Machine  3. Computed Magnetic Flux Density Variation  4. Qualitative Theory of Operation  5. Torque Calculation using Poynting Theorem 


    S.C. Bhargava graduated in electrical engineering in 1963 and postgraduated in power systems in 1966 from the University of Roorkee, India. He used to teach graduate and (part-time) postgraduate courses at (now) NIT, Jaipur before proceeding to the UK on a University of Aston scholarship for his PhD which he obtained in 1972. His research was heavily based on analytical and extensive experimental work using electromagnetic fields and their applications. He has published over 40 technical papers in National and International journals of which many were presented at National and International conferences. He is the author of the book Electrical Measuring Instruments and Measurements, published in 2013 by B S Publications in Hyderabad and CRC Press in the UK.

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