1st Edition

The Identity in Question

By John Rajchman Copyright 1995

    As virulent nationalism increases in Europe and th debate surrounding political correctness continues to rage in the US, this volume provides a theoretical analysis of these events and the questions they raise for critical theory.

    Part 1a Debate; Chapter 1 Multiculturalism and the Politics of Identity, Joan W. Scott; Part 1b Debate; Chapter 2 A Matter of Life and Death, Cornel West; Part 1b1 Debate; diss1 Discussion; Part 1c Debate; Chapter 3 Democratic Politics and the Question of Identity, Chantal Mouffe; Part 1d Debate; Chapter 4 Freedom’s Basis in the Indeterminate, Hom Bhabha; Part 1e Debate; Chapter 5 Politics, Identification, and Subjectivization, Jacques Rancière; Part 1f Debate; Chapter 6 The Inevitability of Nation: Germany after Unification, Andreas Huyssen; Part 1f1 Debate; diss2 Discussion; Part 1g Debate; Chapter 7 Universalism, Part icularism and the Question of Identity, Ernesto Laclau; Part 1h Debate; Chapter 8 Reflections on Identity, Stanley Aronowitz; Part 1h1 Debate; dis3 Discussion; Part 2a Elaborations; Chapter 9 The New Cultural Politics of Difference, Cornel West; Part 2b Elaborations; Chapter 10 Culture and Identity (Working Notes), Etienne Balibar, J. Swenson; Part 2c Elaborations; Chapter 11 Wounded Attachments: Late Modern Oppositional Political Formations, Wendy Brown; Part 2d Elaborations; Chapter 12 Subjection, Resistance, Resignification: Between Freud and Foucault, Judith Butler; Part 2e Elaborations; Chapter 13 On Cultural Studies, Fredric Jameson;


    John Rajchman