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1st Edition

The Illusions Of Post-Feminism New Women, Old Myths

    ISBN 9780748402380
    222 Pages
    Published June 1, 1995 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780748402373
    224 Pages
    Published June 1, 1995 by Routledge

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    First Published in 1995. As feminists reflect on the impact of the 'second wave' of feminism, and assess the gains of the last thirty years, invariably they have questioned whether claims that women have achieved equality are justified. In the late 1980s, there was a proliferation of popular imagery of 'new' men and 'post-feminist' women, with the concept of 'post-feminism' reinforcing and emphasizing the differences between independent, upwardly-mobile, career orientated women, and those women who 'choose' the more 'natural' role of wife and mother. The Illusions of'Post-Feminism':New Women, Old Myths maintains that 'post-feminism' is a myth. Through in-depth interviews with women about four major areas of their lives: education, work, the media and the family, the authors challenge and expose the myths implicit in the concept of 'post-feminism'. The research illustrates that women's discontent continues, despite the assumption that gender equality would result from equal opportunities legislation. The chapters highlight the ineffective nature of liberal reformism and demonstrate how power relations still lie at the root of the oppression of women. With its provoking and challenging analysis, this revealing book breaks the silence of women's real experiences by showing the actuality of women's lives today.

    Part 1; Chapter 1 Introduction: Locating ‘Post-Feminism’, Exploring the Myths; Chapter 2 Theorising Power in Women’s Oppression; Part 2; Chapter 3 Patronising Rita: The Myth of Equal Opportunities in Education; Chapter 4 More Work, Low Pay: The Myth of Equal Opportunities in the Workplace; Chapter 5 Fatal Abstraction: The Myth of the Positive Image; Chapter 6 Behind Closed Doors: The Myth of Personal Liberation; Chapter 7; Conclusion: Beyond the Illusions;


    Vicki Coppock is a senior lecturer in social policy and social work at Edge Hill College of Higher Education. Deena Haydon is a lecturer in primary education at Edge Hill College of Higher Education. Ingrid Richter is a lecturer in sociology and social policy at Bradford and Ilkley Community College. The authors are research associates of the Centre for Studies in Crime and Social Justice at Edge Hill College.

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