1st Edition

The Illustrated MRCP PACES Primer

By Sebastian Zeki Copyright 2009

    The MRCP PACES examination is a rigorous assessment of the ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions. Candidates must have the capacity to recall knowledge immediately - identifying possibilities, narrowing their findings and making a correct analysis. This book offers an innovative approach to revision for candidates. It clearly presents a wide variety of conditions in pictorial format, prompting recall with both visual and verbal mnemonics. Each colour page offers a different condition and outlines only the details essential to diagnosis and treatment; a concise, refreshing approach to tackling the vast number of topics required.

    Abdominal System. Cardiovascular System. Dermatology. Endocrinology. Ophthalmology. Miscellaneous. Neurology. Respiratory. Rheumatology.


    Sebastian Zeki-Gastroenterology Registrar