1st Edition

The Immunologic Revolution Facts and Witnesses

By Andor Szentivanyi, Herman Friedman Copyright 1993
    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This unique volume contains reviews by some of the most prominent immunologists in the world. The authors present vital facts for each of their areas of expertise and provide individual perspectives on how their own contributions were developed and how these contributions influenced general immunological thinking and development. This impressive collection of personal reviews by these internationally renowned immunologists makes The Immunologic Revolution an important and lasting contribution to the entire biomedical community.

    The Precipitin Reaction, Microbial Agglutination, Complement Fixation, and Relations Between Chemical Structure and Antigen/Antibody Interaction (M. Heidelberger). Darwin and Pasteur and Causal Realism (D.W. Talmage). From Transimmunology to the Present Paradigm (A.F. Bussard). Looking Back on the Induction Phase of the Immune Response (J. Sterzl). Tolerance as a Regulatory Process-Communication in the Immune System and Between Immunologists (B. Cinader). What Happened to Tolerance? (E. Diener). One Cell-One Antibody: Impact on Immunological Theory and Practice (G.J.V. Nossal). Reflections on the Lymphomyeloid Complex (J.M. Yoffey). The Minnesota Scene: A Crucial Portal of Entry to Modern Cellular Immunology (R.A. Good). Immunological Function of the Thymus and Thymus-Derived Cells (J.F.A.P. Miller). T Cell-B Cell Collaboration (H.N. Claman). Will the Real Antigen-Presenting Cell Please Stand Up? (M. Richter). Immunity and the Sisyphus Effect (H. Friedman). Adventures in Cellular and Humoral Immunology (A.B. Stavitsky). Antigenicity of Antibodies (F. Milgrom). On the Threshold of the Door of "No Admittance" (J.G. Sinkovics). Concepts of Delayed Type Hypersensitivity-Historical Aspects with Special Regard to the '60s (G. Gillissen). Remembrances of Things Past by a Participating Witness (Z. Ovary). Innovating in Immunology. Tissue Anaphylactic Sensitiziation, Immunosuppressive Processes and Antibody Producing Cell Multipotentiality (P. Liacopoulos). Tumor Immunology-Personal Peregrinations and Perspectives (D.W. Weiss). The Macrophage in Immunobiology: Explorations of Terra Incognita (K. Stern). The Immune-Neuroendocrine Circuitry-A Generation of Progress (A. Szentivanyi). Thyroid Autoimmunity: A Voyage of Discovery (N.R. Rose).


    Andor Szentivanyi, Herman Friedman