1st Edition

The Implications of Induction

By L. Jonathan Cohen Copyright 1970
    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1973. This book presents a valid mode of reasoning that is different to mathematical probability. This inductive logic is investigated in terms of scientific investigation. The author presents his criteria of adequacy for analysing inductive support for hypotheses and discusses each of these criteria in depth. The chapters cover philosophical problems and paradoxes about experimental support, probability and justifiability, ending with a system of logical syntax of induction. Each section begins with a summary of its contents and there is a glossary of technical terms to aid the reader.

    Preface. Introduction  1. Some Elementary Principles in the Logical Syntax of Experimental Support  2. The Ranking of Experimental Support  3. Problems and Paradoxes about Experimental Support  4. Induction and Probability  5. Some Non-Standard Uses of Induction  6. The Justifiability of Induction  7. A Formalisation of Inductive Syntax.  Glossary of Technical Terms 


    Cohen\, L. Jonathan

    Reviews of the original publication:

    ’Mr Cohen's book is a welcome addition to the study of the concept of inductive support of hypotheses, that treats it as explicable in terms of induction by variation of circumstances - the book follows in the tradition of Bacon, Whewell, Herschel and Mill.’  Brian Carr, Philosophy 

    'This is a book which will prove extremely interesting to phiIosophers concerned with the many problems surrounding the concept of experimental support.’ Simon Blackburn, British Journal of the Philosophy of Science

    ’Cohen's book . . . is an original and provocative work, which will certainly lead to considerable philosophical controversy.’ R. G. Swinburne, Philosophical Books 

    ’This is an original and substantial work that makes a major contribution to its subject.’ The Times Literary Supplement