1st Edition

The Importance of Recovery for Physical and Mental Health Negotiating the Effects of Underrecovery

Edited By Michael Kellmann, Sarah Jakowski, Jürgen Beckmann Copyright 2023
    286 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    286 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book offers a thorough and accessible look into the importance of recovery in both staying healthy and performing well, and highlights the detrimental effects of underrecovery on physical and mental health. Internationally renowned experts from psychology, physiology, sport medicine, health, and sport science offer interdisciplinary analysis of the effects of underrecovery as well as the use of applied intervention and prevention strategies.

    Over the last few decades, research in sports has provided numerous studies showing the importance of addressing recovery to find recovery-stress balance and build resources that help prevent illness and promote healthy living and well-being. Each chapter of this volume discusses a specific area of recovery, providing a collection of useful and practical lessons athletes and non-athletes can take forward in their training and beyond. Focusing on both research and applied counseling techniques to discuss recovery as an underestimated factor in physical and mental health, the book aims to enlighten readers on ways to incorporate recovery into their everyday lives to reduce stress and prevent injury.

    The book is written for the scientific community, applied health scientists, students, and interested readers. It draws on experiences and scientific findings from the field of sport to make them usable for an expanded understanding of recovery in the field of health and related areas such as the workplace.

    1. The importance of recovery: A long time neglected crucial concept for health and performance

    Sarah Jakowski, Jahan Heidari, and Michael Kellmann

    2. Recovery and its impact on health

    Kristen Dieffenbach

    3. Recovery and stress reactivity

    K. Wolfgang Kallus

    4. Self-regulation of recovery

    Jürgen Beckmann

    5. Underrecovery in elite athletes: Antecedents, implications, and prevention strategies

    Leslie Podlog, Cristiana Conti, Selenia di Fronso, and Maurizio Bertollo

    6. Quality of life and recovery

    Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu, Robert J. Harmison, and Scott B. Martin

    7. Resilience and recovery processes in sports

    Varley Teoldo Costa, Franco Noce, Camila Cristina Fonseca Bicalho, and Guilherme de Sousa Pinheiro

    8. Recovery and the immune system

    Simon Haunhorst, Wilhelm Bloch, and Christian Puta

    9. Sleep to heal and restore: The role of sleep in the recovery and regeneration process

    Sarah Jakowski, Asja Kiel, Lisa Kullik, and Daniel Erlacher

    10. Physical activity as recovery resource for mental health in young people

    Asaduzzaman Khan and Nicola W. Burton

    11. Physical activity as recovery resource for mental health in adults

    Nicola W. Burton and Asaduzzaman Khan

    12. Impact of long COVID on recovery in sport and exercise

    Simon Haunhorst, Wilhelm Bloch, and Christian Puta

    13. The challenge of school and participation in elite sports: Implications for the prevention of stress and mental health issues

    Markus Gerber

    14. Exercise stress and recovery in active ageing individuals and masters athletes

    Peter R. Reaburn and John F. T. Fernandes

    15. Concluding discussion: Recovery is more than just healing. Advocating a broader perspective on recovery in physical and mental health

    Jürgen Beckmann, Michael Kellmann, and Sarah Jakowski


    Michael Kellmann is Professor of Sport Psychology at the Faculty of Sport Science at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. He is also an Honorary Professor in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia.

    Sarah Jakowski is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Sport Psychology, Faculty of Sport Science, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. She has a doctoral degree in Sport Science (PhD) and a Master of Science in Psychology.

    Jürgen Beckmann is Professor of Sport Psychology, Emeritus of Excellence at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at Technical University of Munich, Germany. He is also Honorary Professor in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia, and Adjunct Professor at the Deptartment of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of the University of Limerick, Ireland.

    "Written specifically for those working within or studying sport science, sport medicine, psychology and allied health sciences, this book offers a uniquely rich insight into the concepts, research and implications of recovery and underrecovery for mental and physical health in sport. Importantly, it addresses matters of recovery for health across the lifespan with a focus on youth athletes, elite and adult athletes as well as masters athletes in the context of active ageing. For those practitioners working with such populations, we gain invaluable perspectives, strategies and practical recommendations related to resilience, sleep, the immune system, physical activity, long COVID, school/youth sport environments and many more….Critically, these insights help us in our own day to day activities to maintain a high quality of life!"

    Chris Harwood, PhD, Professor of Sport Psychology, Loughborough University, UK