1st Edition

The Indian Ocean In Global Politics

By Larry W. Bowman, Ian Clark Copyright 1981
    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    This up-to-date analysis of the major political issues associated with the Indian Ocean region examines recent developments in South Asia, the Gulf, and Africa and their effect on Indian Ocean security matters and politics. Regional perspectives on the problems of the area are assessed, as are the roles played by the major external powers with regional interests-the United States, the Soviet Union, and France-and such international organizations as the United Nations. Nine of the chapters grew out of the International Conference on Indian Ocean Studies held in Perth, Australia, in August 1979. Three additional chapters were commissioned to ensure a comprehensive view of the issues discussed. This collaboration by recognized authorities is sure to become a standard reference in the field.

    Preface -- Introduction -- Regional Powers in the Indian Ocean -- The Strait of Hormuz: The Global Chokepoint -- New Patterns of India’s Relations with Indian Ocean Littoral States -- India’s Nonalignment and Superpower Naval Rivalry in the Indian Ocean -- Australia and the Indian Ocean -- African Conflict and Superpower Involvement in the Western Indian Ocean -- External Powers in the Indian Ocean -- The October War, the 1973–1974 Arab Oil Embargo, and U.S. Policy on the Indian Ocean -- Carter’s Diplomacy and the Indian Ocean Region -- Soviet Arms Supplies and Indian Ocean Diplomacy -- Soviet Naval Policy in the Indian Ocean -- France and the Indian Ocean -- International Organizations in the Indian Ocean -- The United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on the Indian Ocean: Blind Alley or Zone of Peace? -- Demilitarization Proposals for the Indian Ocean


    "Dr. Bowman is associate professor of political science at the University of Connecticut; he has written widely on Western policy in the southern Africa and Indian Ocean regions and is editor of Westview’s series entitled Nations of Contemporary Africa. Dr. Clark, lecturer in politics at the University of Western Australia, is coauthor of The Politics of Intrusion: The Super Powers and the Indian Ocean (1979)."